It was always a belief that I will in my lifetime find my soul mate. Thanks to Gerogette Heyer’s portrayal of strong women and equally matched men who understood and respected a woman for what she is, this belief only deepened.

As luck would have it, I did find someone with whom I could connect at a level that I had never experienced. An inexperienced mind never knew it back then, I realize now that my heart did :). Life would never have been this fun, if that finding had, let’s just say, materialized the way I wanted it to be. It left me hurt, sad and hopeful. Yes, the eternal optimist within me cannot stop looking into the good of it. A boon and a bane at the same time.

If you were to ask me now, if I have found my soul mate, the answer is Yes and several times over Yes. Many people have acknowledged that they could find a soul mate, however not necessarily in their partner. For me, I couldn’t have married anyone who wasn’t my soul mate. Life is too short to compromise when it comes to your partner.

And more recently, I realized that there is not just one soul mate one finds over a lifetime. These treasures could produce themselves as a neighbour, colleague, family member, acquaintance and then transform into a wonderful relationship that makes life worth living for.

If you ask, who are these people, then they are those being with whom you connect at a very spiritual level. Thoughts are understood and very little actually  needs to be said. You barely need to put in the effort to communicate. Being in their presence makes the world feel a wonderful place. The time you spend with them is treasured and every moment is worth it.

To sign it off, these soul mates continue to be part of one’s life like the song below:


Living Essentials

I wouldn’t compare myself to a nomad; however, I have been moving places. Interestingly more and more people are required to move across cities, countries and continents. This seems to have become a norm with the opportunities spread all across the globe and one doesn’t know where the next big (or supposedly big) opportunity might take you.

Being part of such experiences which have so far made us set up home three times in the last five years in three different continents (and more individually), I believe I can sum up what I think are my living essentials.

One might ask what triggered this sudden thought provoking (TP) listing, well it was a raw mango that husby picked up in the hope of making the lovely ‘Mavidikayi pappu’ (Mango Dal).

Contrary to my expectations, the raw mango was reasonably sour with a hint of the typical raw flavor that sets in before the mango turns ripe and just at the right juncture to make the yummy pappu. You could rate my delight pretty high at this tasting and the end result was fairly good and could have been much better. I am sure my second attempt would be better J

So coming back to my TP list, here you go:

  1. Food – Elements of our Indian cuisine, especially Andhra ingredients which enable us to continue to stay connected with our roots.
  2. A set of family or close friends with whom you relate – Living without good support system can be pretty tough, especially in a new place.
  3. Happiness in the work I do – a.k.a – Dream job J or at least working towards it.

There can be a number of other things that can be added to this list, such as great weather, travelling, owning a car and so on and so forth, however the ones in the list are essentials for me.

It doesn’t signify where we live, but it is those essentials that for me make all the difference of how we live.

Twenty Somethings…

I was reading an article and the target audience were ‘twenty somethings’. Till a few months ago, I simply accepted the author was referencing people like me. But, things have changed since the last five months as I celebrated with quite some pomp and number of lovely gifts my 30 turns around the Sun.

If you notice the what is written in the article, I do relate to a number of things written there and obviously things have not changed drastically – but they have 🙂

A reference to milestone ages make you sit up and ponder with some profound things in life.

  • What are those things that I really value?
  • How happy am I?
  • What have I achieved so far?
  • Has my career been the way I wanted it to be?
  • How happy are the those people who matter the most to me?

If I start going into each of these, it would be a lengthy blog, so this time around I limit to the question on my career. After five years of being a successful IT professional, I did some deep soul diving and I re-started practically from scratch my career in Human Resources. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and I have had quite some support from my hubs – however it does raise some questions and insecurities.

A quick birthday note to my dear friend ‘S’ with a line or two about my finding my way in my new career triggered this thought from him:

Sometimes starting from scratch is an interesting experience. That way, the job pressures/responsibilities are lot lesser too, which makes the learning part much more enjoyable.

However secure I might be about my plans, goals and in my ability to achieve them, it doesn’t matter how old you are, but a word or two from a close friend makes all the difference.

I probably seemed to have answered not just one question here, but more than that. So what are your answers to some/all of these questions? Would love to know your perspectives.


The Beauty of a Perfect Fit

Among many things that make me happy, one thing that gets me is the when something or an event fits perfectly. The fit could be a good dress that makes you look fab or an event or series of events that pan out better than you had ever expected. You might say, who wouldn’t like that! Well, it depends. Most people are happy when things turn out to be better than your expectations (only if they are aware something so wonderful has happened) and many others might delight a good fit. I couldn’t be sure of the percentage and yes the intersection of these two sets is also a possibility I cannot rule out – as I believe I fall in this category.

Having digressed enough, I am here talking about more mundane stuff and nothing profound – so I here to talk about a perfectly fitting dress. 🙂

My sense of dressing and the taste is something I inherit from my mom and it has surely improved with time. Apart from genetic advantage, my dear friend Di has taught me lot in her own way. I still miss our shopping adventures and choices and debates on dresses and well getting those dresses to perfect fit. The secret is that however, endowed you may be, wearing a good fit and mind you, not a crushing, body hugging one, will always enhance the way you look.

With time, Di and I were not able to meet as often as we liked and I started depending on my hubs and then came another lady, with an undying sense of style, colour and fit. She has sometimes sounded mad about it too, but then Dee is Dee or A, as I call her. She also became that excellent companion who made things right for me and further fine-tuned things for me.

They say, one evolves with time and I would say, in terms of dressing I have evolved too and yes the process continues.

It is one my long cherished ambitions, especially after pregnancy, to fit into a nice suit and well not look at myself and feel a tad sad. Well, I don’t get way too bogged down by my size, but I do not have a complete apathy to it too. So coming back to the perfect fit, I finally achieved about 50% of what I wanted and I am happy at my progress.

So you see, the joy had to be shared and yes, please wish me luck to achieve my target 🙂


The ‘A’ Factor

As my little one was throwing a tantrum to sit in her stroller, I met another mother in the lift. She started talking about how her daughter throws similar fits to sit in her stroller and how it is important to discipline them. As we spoke, I came to know that her daughter was also the same age as my D. Terrible Twos!

Well, it got me thinking about the enamoured ‘A’ word – Age.

It was not just me, but a lot of parents of children below 2 years of age tell their children’s age in the exact months. Obviously, it becomes a habit when the child is below one, but takes a whole year to get rid of it, once they turn one too. I suppose, it comes from the immense happiness of having achieved another milestone with the toddler. Trust me, they aren’t easy at all. In fact, working in an office seems far easier, any given time. 🙂

So as we continue to grow (I know it is never ending 🙂 ), it is nice to tell how old you are until you reach a phase, when you don’t want to reveal it anymore. Rather driven by a lot of peer pressure, for women especially, to not reveal the true age. It is like another fad like being thin. I personally have no qualms in telling my age. I may or may not look it, I can’t always help that, but I am happy to be 30 right now.

Concept: The funda behind my comfort lies in the rationale that I am going to be ’30’ only this ONE year and will never be the same ever again, then what’s the point in covering it up, morphing it or lying about it. I like to live and enjoy every single day and kills me to be down and depressed about anything – least of all my age.

However, it doesn’t mean I won’t take care of myself or not bother about how I look. I do whatever I can and hope to put in a methodical regimen with Yoga.

So, whatever your age, enjoy it and have a ball of the ‘A’ factor.





Uplifting mood therapy

I want to call this blog a therapy blog as it is more a DIY than anything else.

So, what do you do when you are down and depressed for whatever reason and sometimes when you don’t know the reason too. There could be many reasons that can bring me down, but honestly, I hate being dull and depressed. There should be some advantage of having lived on this planet for the last 3 decades does help me understand what makes me mad and some reasons behind it too. So the most common reason seems to be routine and monotonous activities and hence driven to sheer boredom!

I am in awe of people who can keep doing the same thing over and over again, knowing well that they are capable of something much higher and staying happy too. It is just maddening for me. Moreover, if things aren’t intellectually stimulating enough that becomes a bigger killer.

So, some DIYs that help me in uplifting my mood are:

  • Reading a book
  • Writing something
  • Going out for a nice walk or may be just out
  • Painting
  • Embroidery
  • And Yes, a nice nap 😀
Mind you, this list is something that is constrained as I cannot always go for a nice massage or a pedicure or some such treatment – alas staying away from home has a number of disadvantages.

Finally another day went by and I pulled myself out of my sullen state by the end of a post and a nap to seal the deal.

Do you have your own DIYs?


Fast Forward?

Five years ago, just around this time, I desperately prayed to God to forward my life by five years. I am glad he doesn’t do things like that 🙂

I would have missed

  • The instinct that tells you over and over again, ” This is the one, this is the one….”, on and on in my mind
  • The heady feeling of instantly falling in love
  • The heady feeling of being madly in love that could make you do many insane things
  • The lovely courtship days that made them so special because of all the time we had ‘just’ for ourselves and no sundries being a part of it
  • Getting married 🙂
  • Driving around like mad people in the US and more or less covered the East coast and some of the West too
  • Buying our own house
  • Decorating it with all things important and trivial, yet so special in our hearts
  • The birth of our daughter and her growing up
  • Discovering my calling at work
  • Making some great friends on my way
  • Moving to Australia and all that we are going through now….
So, when God makes it really hard to bear, he throws many things to enjoy life too.
Have fun and keep smiling and enjoy the ride.