Happy Deepawali!!!


Happy Diwali!



दीपो की आवली है दीपावली,
असत्य पे सत्य की, अन्याय पे न्याय की
जय है दीपावली
आप सब को हार्दिक सुभ्कम्नावों के साथ
एक मंगलमय वर्ष की कामना करते हुए
दीपावली की शुब्कम्नाएं




There always seem to be a thousand and one things to be done at any given time. To prioritize and most importantly to have a clarity on what exactly should be done is I think most important.

Clarity in thought, clarity in action is one seemingly simple but elusive thing, just like common sense which is unfortunately is not so common. When I talk about clarity here, I am talking about the clarity in career, the clarity to choose a life-partner or if one delves deeper then the clarity to have a life-partner or not and so on. These are few but pertinent things that do seem to affect the majority of the humanity. More often than not, one is always in the lack of such clarity. It is a case of sheer happiness and pleasure to meet someone who knows what he/she wants; how would they want their life to be and what does one foresee life to be. Whether they are able to execute their plans and achieve them is a totally different story, but at least there is the reasoning that they had an idea and tried.

Boredom often causes disillusionment and this has been something I have been hearing a lot from many of my friends and acquaintances whom I have met in the recent past. I must admit that having been plagued with a certain amount of boredom myself, with respect to my career I have taken up this so called holiday for myself from work. I realized I needed sometime to think about what I like, what am I good at and what would I really want to do with my life and get some clarity. Yes, I do need some too.  

I have always been a firm believer of the fact that a crux of a person should never change but the outer package must freshen itself on a constant basis to keep boredom at bay. This wrapper change keeps relationships in tact and most importantly keeps the person within you also happy. After all, we are doing all this for our own happiness. Altruism is something I don’t really believe in. I have had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine on this and upon retrospection I have no choice but to concur with her. She said that if one tries to please someone else or is doing something for the other person’s happiness then in turn that person is doing it for their own self. Obviously, if you see your loved one happy, you know you are going to be happy.

What I intend to say or rather post a question is that when one realizes that he/she is doing something that bores one and you don’t have an idea as to what to do next or are looking for the clarity to know what you could do best, how and where do you start looking? Any answers/clues, most welcome.

Four Continents – One year!

Well that has how it has been so far. ASIA -> AUSTRALASIA -> EUROPE -> NORTH AMERICA are all the continents I managed to cover in this year. Fine, it hasn’t been like covering the length and breadth of it, but then I did touch all of them in the same way Phileas Fogg went Around the world in 80 days.

Having stayed in India (Asia) all my life, I suddenly got the opportunity to go to Perth (Australia). I always wanted to go to Oz land so the offer was tempting. The time of travel was something that put me in a fix that I never quite expected. Two weeks of staying away from all did depress me but then now when I look back I liked what happened (past always is 20-20 perfect!). Then, I got married and we were off to Switzerland and Greece. All my life I had a set fascination for Greece. Just don’t ask why, but I just wanted to go there, someday. Switzerland was an added bonus. Must say, Europe is picture perfect!

Now, in the United States and I suddenly realized that the fourth continent beckons me. After having seen all these places before coming to US, I didn’t find it all too overwhelming. Back home there is this strong Gult feeling about how every other person should be either in Software or be a medico and eventually all of them end up in the United States of Ameerica! Exasperating is the single word that I can think of this. But then it has its little positives too, even my maid and dhobi wali knows that I was going to Ameerica. Well the last three times I went out of India it was always America for them. One thing that stood out about this place is that everything in this country is BIG and Size does matter here.

There were some things that I noticed in stark contrast to home. People here seem to follow the weather report quite religiously and it somehow comes true for better part. Somehow, I don’t remember ever checking out the weather with such zealous fervour ever when I was home. Could it be because of the sheer fact that the comfort of home didn’t really bother how the weather would be? Rain or shine we still go about the way we want to, or may be weather conditions or rather the cold is way too harsh to handle without prior preparations. I guess that would be a more pragmatic approach.

Whether it is a small place with hardly any history or history that dates back to before Christ era and now in practical ruins the countries I visited pride in what they have. They preserve it and showcase it so much and blow every little thing out of proportions that in one way it vexes you and on the other you come to appreciate their patriotism. It seriously makes me ponder that what I can do to make a country with 5000 year old history to take pride in itself and preserve its culture. I hope to do it in every little way I can and will continue to. It would be nice if many of our people learn to appreciate their own country and be proud of it. It is a pity that whenever I meet many of those people who live far away from India support their decision with saying that they cannot stay in a country of their birth and better part of their formative years because it has now become so over crowded and dirty and that things are difficult to be done here and just simply impossible living there with all the dust. Positives and negatives make the balance and if I as a responsible citizen do not have the courage to face it and put in my bit to improve and preserve it, then the dream to see India as a super power at sometime would simply remain a dream.

Am glad I was able to see so many places, thanks to a job that originated in my land. Hope to be back home soon.