Walking down levels and levels of shopping arcades it makes me wonder how much do people buy, whether they need that thing or not. There is a sale of handbags and shoes and I saw a sea of people there. Primarily women and some bored men towing behind. Occasionally some men did seem to be interested. Incidentally, I happened to end up at this sale and did pick up couple of bags. I was silently commenting on how exactly these people here buy stuff unnecessarily and there I go, totally gaga over three bags and end up buying two of them. I realize there would be many who wouldn’t understand this behaviour. Please believe me, neither do I quite fathom this fad. Nor the enthusiasm to shop that seems to subside but then tends to come back within half hour of being in the presence of some interesting articles.

Somehow managed to free myself from such worldly pleasures and spend some quality time – with myself. It is but rare when I get such moments when all I do is simply follow my mind without bothering about whose around and what would people with me want. A little niceties that seem to be dying in today’s times. Simple pleasures bring in maximum happiness. Licking an ice-cream while strolling over to the river side amidst peak traffic hour, is a feeling that I had quite forgotten. The supposed busy schedule and career seem to drown the basics of what I would call the pleasures of life.

A little philosophical, can’t help developing such a bent while sitting quietly at the river front. The awe-inspiring structures seem to quietly mellow down from the tough gray to the soothing lights of the evening. Lights dancing on the silent undulation. One of those rare days one gets to notice that in the equatorial region the natural light of the evening persists for a longer period than one realizes when stuck in office. There was just one thing that seemed a little amiss; I missed the nice hot strong cup of tea.

Muddat ke baat , kuch samay apne aap ke saath, bahut acha laga.


Random thoughts

There are times when I feel like entering a copy of every moment that goes past or rather observations that would make up something interesting to ponder. The feeling is overpowering. A greed to capture the most vivid or weirdest of incidents that fascinate me.

An interesting play of light on water or a lovely long ride to end of a country on a moon lit night, the moment seems just beyond words to capture. The harmony of the waves gently caressing the white sands or the expanse of azure stretching to the horizon. Some of the most stellar settings of the nature are so simply done, I am humbled.

Thrown in with an equally interesting and lively mix of company makes the experience cherish. The disparity in thought or the equanimity in action is also fun. Couldn’t help but notice that there should just be one chef per kitchen. The rest as followers makes things amiable. One place where I can surely say that team work is good but contributing ideas is a bad option.

What makes all this randomness complete is the music that seems to be inherent in all the elements that are a part of it.

Single… and ready to…mingle??

Alone!!! Staying all by myself in a far off land isn’t all that bad. Connected to the rest of the world with the best form of communication, am very content with my existence. Except that sometimes there is quite a depression that sets in during the night. The prospect of preparing one’s own dinner and eating the same, oh lord! What an agony! The reason you are still able to see this post is coz the primary contents of my victuals are a generous gesture from my aunt. In spite of such an act I still have to do the minimum, cook the rice. Believe me, it isn’t such a bad thing to do. Just that I have to clean all those vessels I utilize in my cooking and eating, immediately after I have my dinner, is what depresses me the most.

With a bout of overconfidence that I acquired in the last few days, in preparing rice in the most original style, I permitted myself to enjoy a small chat and let the rice overcook. Frankly, I cannot lie out here, so let me say I burnt some of it. Don’t worry, I still had a hearty dinner, but you can definitely imagine what an agony it was to clean the mess. This is one of the main reasons that deters me from cooking. The amount of cleaning that goes into the process kills the enthu in totality. One can ask, as to why bother about the neatness aspect and all, but the neatness freak in me cannot tolerate.

Burdened by my whims for neatness and torn for a nice home meal, I subject myself to such torture. I suppose finding a roomie might help me in humouring things a little. So long people… main aur mera kitchen… aksar yeh sochte hai… tum na hote to kaisa hote…

Single and not really ready to mingle… too much of a burden just for avoiding some cleaning.
Mama… am coming back to you 😉