Driven by Destiny

Rain on a hot summer day can result in thinking about myriad things. The effects of these ruminations on my usual prosaic self ended up forming the essence of this post, but now I seem to be at a loss for words. Frankly, this blog started about nothing in particular and just some rambling in general and just like a pleasant breeze took an interesting turn.

I usually think I am sane, well for that matter who doesn’t consider oneself sane… you should not ask such questions… but am sure one person who wants to oppose this fact with the greatest vehemence will be my sis. Actually, it so happens that siblings seem to be the worst effected lot and subjected to a certain degree of torture. This statement could actually worry you, but hey, the torture is primarily in the form of some of the choicest abuses that one bestows on your sibling.

So choice of a sibling is one such thing where we totally lack choice. God just destines and there you end up having so and so person for your bro/sis. My sis accuses me of asking for a baby sis when all the while she was going to be born a boy. She believes (please read those words with a certain pronounced emphasis) that back then I was a much better person (let’s just discount such assumptions..) and hence God granted my wish. This is just one small example to prove what kind of arguments and accusations are part of the sibling fight. As sisters, we fought and well at one time if I thought I was getting better at arguments and contemplated a career in law then I think I knew what/who was responsible for this. 😉 Well, there are advantages too.

As I don’t have a brother, I can’t throw much light on that, but have seen that brothers who have major physical fights with their sisters as children (at least most of them do) turn out to be fiercely protective brothers who don’t want their sisters to have anything to do with a guy (What double standards rt?!? :)). At least I see a number of my cousin brothers being fiercely protective of me and they mean more than cousins to me. In a way, didn’t miss not having a brother too much.

Having a younger sister myself, let me admit, we fought. Had major fun and drove ma mad at times. But then, there is something that no one else can possibly fill in for. The cover ups from parents, innumerable tales about school, college and work, the frustrations, the struggle and all the victories; a whole gamut of precious moments shared only with a sibling. My mother and father both have a lot of siblings and they are all very close, touchwood! There is a stark difference between their generation and ours. My friends dominate my immediate circle more than my cousins and the nuclear families that we are now into, only makes it more necessary to have friends, who mean a lot to you. My sister and my friends form this support for me that my mom gets from her siblings.

This post is about siblings and it would not be complete if I don’t write about my sister. She is five years my junior, but over time that gap has diminished. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that my baby sister has grown up, but I am glad that it happened. She is the harshest of critics that could have ever existed. I am a follower of the Sun sign theory and have seen it for the umpteenth time that a Sagittarian and a Capricorn can never have a harmonious relationship. With our current distance, me living far away from home, we seem to have mellowed down. I am sure that this will diminish at a radioactive rate when we start living nearby. I don’t mind that. She is one of the most sensible girls for her age and extremely intelligent and humorous with a razor sharp wit, that can hurt you if you are not careful. I can write a lot about her and one might think I am biased, but ask her if you don’t believe me, I am very stingy with appreciations 😉 especially about her.

So let me end this post right away, before I am forced to delete it. It is tough to accept that your worst enemy is your best friend. What do you have to say sis?

This post is for ya!

All the best Coo :*