Technology and Tradition

Last week, I was paying my milk bill when my milkman offered a flyer. It had details of an app called Mera Milk. I was pleasantly surprised and he told me that I could change my order or cancel my order for the next day using this app. Simply fabulous from my (customer)  point of view. Found out what made him adopt this and the reason was convenience,  helps deal with finicky customers and it’s efficient when it comes to managing at scale.

For those of you not conversant with the idea of milk being delivered home every morning, this is common in India. Something Amazon Fresh is attempting in a lot of cities in US.  So with this new app, the milk order can be recorded on an app. In India there are many more such services that are being brought onto a Platform and in the process making life easy for small business owners. Amazon India marketplace model is a testimony to it.

Staying with technology and it’s applications, I think making good use of technology relieves time and energy on mundane stuff.  It helps one concentrate on incremental innovations that make a huge impact in the long term. Recently came across two such innovations –
1) Tapping the kinetic energy from the ocean waves to generate electricity. Currently piloted off the coast near Denmark. What a clean way to generate electricity!  They say this process can provide electricity 5 times the world’s energy consumption.
2) The second innovation was a stationary cycling machine.  Cycle for an hour and you have electricity for a whole day
A simple physics law put to use brilliantly –  energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes from one form to the other.
I believe going back to our roots and knowing why our ancestors did something in a particular way would help us gain a lot.  Simply disposing them all  as superstition may not be the most productive approach. After all life was much better in our childhood while we adopted many of these traditional and bio-degradable practices 🙂

Another sustainable design that I saw was Edible cutlery. Spoons made of millets and spices, which is great to eat and easily degrades if not eaten. Loved the idea and for it to take off, we need at least one or two adopters with large cutlery usage to popularize.

We need a larger section of people adopting tech and traditional practices for a sustainable future for our children. While they may be several skeptics and ignorant, this surely is doable. The activist in me has very recently made some head way into implementing rain water harvesting in our community. This after a lot of persistence for over two years.

Do share your thoughts on more such ideas that you have come across and the world needs to implement.