Confusions & Marriage

At 24, I assumed one generally tends to be in some state of clarity with regard to what’s wanted in life. Contrary to my assumption, I seem have no idea on anything that’s of any consequence. Status quo would have been just fine, but the sudden urgency that folks at home seem to have about my settling down – or in one word Marriage, is quite unsettling for my languid existence.

My sentiments are mirrored in all those twenty something Indian girls who are pursued by their parents to get married. The reasons given are “We want to see you happily married and settled” or “It is a great responsibility.” … “You are now twenty-…. It is the right time for you to be married” etc etc… the list is endless. In a way it seems alright. But then it is a question of my entire life and I really would want to take a well-thought out step and most importantly when I think I am ready for it. Within the garbs of freedom come the responsibilities. Quite an irony is what I think. Secondly, they don’t always seem to understand what is this thing called “chemistry” I keep yapping about. Immediately I hear that I should compromise. Agreed! Marriage in itself involves innumerable compromises, but then there is something that I believe in. My sis very neatly framed it, Do not comprise on the guy, compromise with the guy.

If I get married, I would want to be happy on my wedding day. Look forward for spending my life with this guy I totally adore. Be excited about it. But then, I’ll have to watch and see what destiny holds for me. The entire idea of marriage becomes such a big nuisance when you have worried parents and hyper excited relatives whose only aim is to see you married. Everywhere I go, the only thing people ask is when am I getting married. I am sure to tell them as soon as I find a guy, but then for heaven’s sake please allow me to find one. My married and committed friends also seem to have jumped the other side. They are equally vehement about it. Net result of all this is that I feel am thirty plus, very old and past an age where I can secure a ‘Suitable boy’.

All this does make me pretty indifferent…. But then, wish u all a happy and peaceful existence, irrespective of the fact whether you are single, hitched or married.


7 thoughts on “Confusions & Marriage

  1. Nicely voiced. This is plight of every girl who is in early twenties, may be to some extent boys are spared and given more freedom.

  2. Well i was actually wunderin whn u’r thots wud translate onto u’r blog.. and here we are!!

    Its nice to see that u haven’t lost u’r sanity & u’r sense of identity, given everything that has been happenin with ya. :D.. :).

  3. Well mans..its good that you are given a serious thot to this idea when many people are not given such a freedom in our country..stick on to it and find the right one for you coz you need to be happy from inside and for your sake more than anyone else ! 🙂

  4. I was basically hunting for creative concepts for my very own website and
    encountered your own post, “Confusions & Marriage |
    Unravelling the Enamoured Enigma”, will you mind if I personally apply a bit of of ur ideas?
    Thanks -Nora

    1. Dear Nora,

      I am glad you liked my ideas. Please apply as required, however please quote me and link back where applicable.


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