The Thirties

I have never given much of thought to age going by.Every turn around the sun has been packed with enough excitement to keep me happy, sad, angry, etc – in short engaged.

But, the thirties by comparison have been different. They have been different for me because:

  • What I want in life is far more clear than the previous decade
  • I know what make-up works and what doesn’t
  • Men – hard to say if I figured them all out – however, they sure have become predictable
  • I know the ‘type’ I usually fall for now
  • Marriage and being married – demystified
  • My daughter was a discovery – made me see things in ways I never imagined
  • Being a mother, wife, DIL, daughter,working professional – has not been a cake walk
  • I have looked better in this decade than I ever was – so I want to think 😉
  • The want to get away and be ‘Far from the madding crowd’ is a recurring bi-annual urge
  • DDLJ feels juvenile, but the idea of love is only strengthened
  • I have a greater sense of control – or so I think

All in all, I look forward to more.