I have traveled a lot in the last one year. A new country and its ways have kept me intrigued, busy and wanting for more. But wait, there is something very peculiar that happened. I am now a little tired of my holiday. Doesn’t that sound strange? I actually want to be the part of the rat-race that I so wanted to be away from, just a year ago.

I have covered most parts of US: both prominent and not so very prominent. My husband and I have driven through the hills and valleys of northern New Hampshire and Vermont, also drove through the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Florida. The roads stretch on for miles and miles all across this country. The foresight which made the Americans to build such roads and develop this infrastructure amazes me.

I am back to my homeland now. Thought a lot about what I should be doing with my life and I can say that yes, I am rearing to start out a new life!

Wish me luck 🙂