“What’s in a name?” said Shakespeare. Well frankly speaking in today’s world where a number of things are contact based, I would say everything. But then why am I blessed with this amazing characteristic to forget them?

I meet a so and so and we get on very well. We exchange names and a lot more info that may prove useful. Blimey! It does in most cases and I for one, quite happily forget the name by the end of our first meeting. Sometimes, well this is that rare case when I manage to listen to the name, I remember the person’s name even when I bid them adieu. You have no idea how nice I feel about myself on such occasions. But, the horror of this names and remembering them comes when you bump into this individual somewhere and they come to me beaming all the way. All the while I have this most nagging feeling of, ‘I have seen this face and this face is so so familiar’. And there on starts the eternal search for the links that might help me remember who this person is and where did I meet him/her. Let’s assume I do manage to remember that, well I can do that 95% of the time, I invariably am clueless about their name. Adding insult to injury is the fact when the other person remembers what’s my name and where did we meet.

There are very few people on this planet whose names I have remembered without much ado. The reason can vary from a great liking to abhorrence. So people who do manage to swing my emotions and manage to create some strong impression are the lucky ones. One should not be judged based on a single meeting, say some, but then if it helps me remember, then I guess it sounds better. At least I can avoid the highly embarrassing situation where the other person comes to me and starts talking as long lost friends and uses my name in every alternate line. There are times when I conveniently blamed it on my memory. The actual reason presumably would be that trivialities are ignored by some of my clan. No offense made to anyone, but then I love Shakespeare and go by a lot he said. 🙂


Impossible relationships!

“My gift to impossible relationships…” says Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and gives the money agreed upon. I have lost count of how many times I have watched this movie. It keeps me mesmerized every time I see and every time I do, I come across another nuance of the relationship that the central characters share. Call it an obsession but then all said and done I probably enjoy it so much may be because I can relate to it in some ways. How many times have we wondered about the way relationships take a turn? I suppose every time one touches that discordant chord. For sure this does happen quite a number of times.

I have lost my appetite over them. I have lost my peace of mind over them. Can’t imagine such things happening to me. These seem so alien, I mean why would you want to spoil your health and most importantly mess your mental state because someone you have come across and have started liking and eventually loving to an extent that the above mentioned things seem trivial. I am selfish and arrogant and still am capable of such feelings! Agreed am not some robot, who lacks feelings, but still this quandary beats me. The rationale tells you its pure stupidity but then your heart contradicts it with vehemence. So what should the poor being do? Follow your mind and try to tell yourself that its ok, these kinda things are not for me and are practically impossible or follow your heart and hence pursue the feelings… and in some extreme cases may pursue the interest that has caused this. 🙂

Impossible relationships… the phrase seems more than apt. Just makes me say, “Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.”

Having said this, I want you to express your views. Not to present a solution, because that seems a stupidity to ask, but a point of view, a perspective.


Memories, memories and more of them. Sometimes one is left with nothing but them. One cannot touch or change or mar them. Instances of the past those remain frozen in spite of the changes occurring all along. How marvelous are some and also are some causing the pain that one never wished would have been through. But then, what is the fun having just good memories? Personally, the trying ones tend to linger longer. It definitely puts a person’s perspective into picture. How would you take it? Learn from it and tackle it or run away from it for the rest of your life? The latter somehow seems easier, though the former is called a best practice. By whom? Well the people in gen. Or more aptly the people who do not wish an individual to get bogged down by them in future. Those people who care for that individual.

The irony remains that at times one doesn’t even want to forget those memories. Tend to cling on to them. I really wonder why. Does this give them a reason to sympathize with what happened to them and then point out the plausible reasons? Kind of self-pity. Or do these memories just happen to recur when one comes in contact with some Memory from the past that links to the main incident? In the process of clearing that old closet did you accidentally dust the dust off those things, which were meant to be dead and bygone?

Reasons could be many, but a Memory does remain yet another fascinating facet of the mind. Always in awe and always trying to know more about yet another enigma.

Urs truly.