You’ve got mail!

This Sunday night, D and I stumbled upon the movie ‘You’ve got mail!’ being shown on one of the movie channels. It was but natural to stay up and finish watching the movie. We started viewing it because my usual love for such rom-coms and well I also adore Meg Ryan in this character.

The primary characters in this movie begin their relationship over emails and form a bond that is far stronger than any of their real relationships. To put it in Meg’s words

” The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.”

This is incidentally how S & I met for the first time and started communicating virtually. As we are at the brink of completing the 7th year of this milestone before we moved to non-virtual means of communication, it was a moment of truth for me. It is probably in my own way to re-live those initial days of anticipation – waiting for an email or a possible future together that continues to draw me to this movie.

7 years later, very little has changed and some things are better left that way. To findings and some memorable beginnings….

Over the rainbow

Love you sweetheart.


Atop the tower for V day

For whatever bizarre or may be not-so-bizarre reason Valentine’s Day was started and keeping up with the spirit of it I follow the herd. Well, why not – it is just another day when I tell the people I love what they mean to me. Another day out of the busy schedules when there is some opportunity to do something for the person you love (time/schedule permitting). Yeah, I may not really sound very romantic, but trust me, my “I love you”s have positively become so mundane with hubs that I thought things should be expressed a little differently.

So, here you go Ayals,

Happy Valentine's Day hubs!
Happy Valentine’s Day hubs!

Are matches made in Heaven?

Yes! Even now matches are made in heaven, but the way these matches are brought about on planet earth has changed drastically. My own marriage has come about through one of the famous marriage portals and then our romance took off on the office email and culminated on the office chat. It was incidental that we both are from the same company for so many years and didn’t realize each other’s existence.

That brings me to the next big platform of marriage alliances – Corporates. The new Indian corporate setup has seen a huge influx of young men and women in their early to late twenties who spend majority of their time at work. More often than not, many find their life-partners. My training batch from Infosys has produced four Company Couples to its credit and the numbers of many more pairs among my other acquaintances, as I have known, have simply grown since then.

What probably makes the cupid aim the arrow is the day-to-day proximity and accessibility. With a continuous interaction and a life so constrained which demands 12 hour days, work-place is the best option to find your life-partner. I suppose the rapport and the comfort that develops over time also makes people complaisant to look elsewhere, because in marriage, tried and tested seems one of the main reasons many long-lasting pairs go all the way up to tying the know. They do not wish to take risks and realize that a known devil is better than an unknown one. I know, this might be a cynical attitude, and there are many who do it because they truly have found their true love. But, the possibility of compromises is not to be ruled out.

So, with matches made in heaven and executed through internet or the corporate world, trust me, it is good to find that special person and yes, worth the effort, if you haven’t found one as yet.

Happy living 🙂

The wired life!

Everything these days is automated, electronic and somehow or the other twinged to reduce human effort/intervention. I have absolutely no complains about the new inventions. After all they make my life easy. But, do you notice something, every such electrical gadget has to come with a wire, usually black. TV needs power supply, a wire here, the cable for the thousands of channels that we never see, again has another big wire. The laptop has the option for wireless internet, but the router needs the power connection and hence the wire, and yes the laptop, that needs a wire too. Thankfully the TV remote does not. Yes, yes, we have made great progress from the days when electrical lines used to run over the walls, I still remember my old home in my childhood, where it was done in that fashion. There are a number of other things that have come up in the recent past that can operate using the wireless technology and I am not unaware of them.

But, for a person who is trying to keep her home neat and clean, these wires have now become a necessary evil. In a way they bring out the creativity out of an individual is what I feel. These wires give us an opportunity to utilise our brain to come up with contraptions that will help us conceal them or make them look less obvious. In our small apartment, my husband and I have tried hard to conceal a huge chunk of those necessary evils – wires. It all started many days back when I tried to clean my home. Somehow, I always felt that the hall looked really untidy and whatever I do, it never ever seemed to be looking prim. At the heart of the problem lay the chunk of black and white wires, running all along. It then kind of struck like a jolt of lightening. Ma’s words came running back to me. She used to remind us time and again to wrap up those wires when we were done. I can now strongly emphathize with her feelings.

Anyways, back to our small home, we did manage to conceal the bunch of wires. Used some coloured paper to put as screens and in the process induced colour into our rather white and boring looking apartment. (The rent restrictions make it too much of a botheration to paint the walls.) Let me confess, we still have some set of wires that are still to be seen out. I suppose we can’t hide everything. But, its now much better and tidy. Ah! so wires also lead to good teamwork and helps in relationship bonding. After all my husband and I were working collectively toward a certain cause that plagued the two of us :).  It takes me back to another aspect, my degree in Electrical engineering, how co-incidental. Now that I think of it, sometimes I used to be irked by the bunch of wires found in the labs too. I suppose my aversion to bunches of electrical wires is dated. Well, there is another thing that I strongly have come to conclude, never take the electrical connections lightly. When you decide to do your home, make sure you plan the connections and points ahead. If you don’t, trust me they would create a havoc later in your well-planned home.

However weird this may be, our lives are wired and connected in a number of ways with all these modern contraptions…so live an Electric life!

Confusions & Marriage

At 24, I assumed one generally tends to be in some state of clarity with regard to what’s wanted in life. Contrary to my assumption, I seem have no idea on anything that’s of any consequence. Status quo would have been just fine, but the sudden urgency that folks at home seem to have about my settling down – or in one word Marriage, is quite unsettling for my languid existence.

My sentiments are mirrored in all those twenty something Indian girls who are pursued by their parents to get married. The reasons given are “We want to see you happily married and settled” or “It is a great responsibility.” … “You are now twenty-…. It is the right time for you to be married” etc etc… the list is endless. In a way it seems alright. But then it is a question of my entire life and I really would want to take a well-thought out step and most importantly when I think I am ready for it. Within the garbs of freedom come the responsibilities. Quite an irony is what I think. Secondly, they don’t always seem to understand what is this thing called “chemistry” I keep yapping about. Immediately I hear that I should compromise. Agreed! Marriage in itself involves innumerable compromises, but then there is something that I believe in. My sis very neatly framed it, Do not comprise on the guy, compromise with the guy.

If I get married, I would want to be happy on my wedding day. Look forward for spending my life with this guy I totally adore. Be excited about it. But then, I’ll have to watch and see what destiny holds for me. The entire idea of marriage becomes such a big nuisance when you have worried parents and hyper excited relatives whose only aim is to see you married. Everywhere I go, the only thing people ask is when am I getting married. I am sure to tell them as soon as I find a guy, but then for heaven’s sake please allow me to find one. My married and committed friends also seem to have jumped the other side. They are equally vehement about it. Net result of all this is that I feel am thirty plus, very old and past an age where I can secure a ‘Suitable boy’.

All this does make me pretty indifferent…. But then, wish u all a happy and peaceful existence, irrespective of the fact whether you are single, hitched or married.