Deadlines Amuse Me!

Well this was my motto, as a developer, things are cool. You are given such and such work to be completed by such and such time, you just do it. There always remains a yearning desire to be in the coveted position of a lead.

Progress to be a lead and deadlines are no more amusing! Why? Well, simply because doing a task is by far the easier thing to do than getting it done by someone. Struggle or search, whatever the means one can learn and complete a task. There exist varied elements that one comes across, while getting tasks done. Some dependable and some who are not. Now welcome to the third variety, who seemingly gives one, a very high perception of his/her capability but in the end churn up issues that definitely create a perception of standing in at the bottom of an abyss.

But then, all cribs being put up, I still love it when I am in charge. The satisfaction of seeing a good job done or rather let me put it, getting a good job done with such disparate elements is a matter of glee.

Hoping to bask in that situation… I now get back into my monitors role. Yes, deadlines kinda amuse me.



Chandler and Monica adopt twins and are now moving out in to a new house in the suburbs to start a new life. Phoebe is married found her guy. Rachel found a new job in Paris and is flying away. Ross, just realized that he is in love with Rachel and Joe now has the apartment to himself. That was the last episode of the Friends. The way in which Joe tried to reconcile Chandler’s moving out after the game board was broken and their uncomfy hug, that they silently conveyed. The way Phoebe raced Ross to the airports, to make sure he didn’t miss that one last chance to have Rachel back. Or the six keys being put back by each one of them were far too much to be put in words.

My Friends are such important and integral elements, for me they seem to be the fabric with which my life is woven. Each one representing various hues that make my life as good as it can ever be. This post is to all those special people in my life who have been there for me. Seen me through my little ups and downs and supported me all through.

At a juncture in life today, I hope and pray that they will always be a phone call away. For I am definitely going to be there for all of them, ALWAYS.

Thank you.