Happy Diwali

Quite similar to Christmas celebrated across the world with great pomp and fanfare, Diwali strikes a similar chord with each and every Indian. 

The festivities and all the paraphernelia that go in with Diwali make it so special that staying away from home – India makes one miss it terribly.

Wishing everybody a wonderful and peaceful………

Happy Diwali!!!!



I have begun….

Yes, it has been less than a day since I left Infy and I have begun working on my new job. 

Been waiting for this change in many ways and with some apprehensions and a lot of excitement have adorned the role of a Corporate Trainer.

Last Day

After working for 5 years,  finally decided to quit Infosys. One of the most respectable companies of our times and a great place. Politics and frustrations are a part of any job, but all in all it was a great experience. It has been sometime since I wanted to make this move and when I finally did it, strangely I had no feelings. Only when I returned by ID card, did I feel a slight tinge somewhere in my heart. I suppose change, good or bad imposed or self-made, is tough to handle, till one gets used to it.

So what I wrote as a parting mail.. or rather as a Change Over is as follows. The mail summarises the essence of my Infy experience.

Dear Friends,

I started my professional career with Infosys on 17th November, 2003 and now a month short of 5 years, 17th October,2008, I have decide to make a change. I am taking up a career as a Corporate Trainer in the Soft Skills arena and hope to make a mark in this field.

My experience with Infy has been a mixed bag, with both ups and downs and I have enjoyed the ride all through. There have been times when I felt I should run away from here and also times when I have enjoyed it to the hilt. On-site experiences, late night slogging, bench periods, each phase has taught me something valuable.

Coming to all the Infoscions I met here, my mentors who have helped me make a mark for myself, different shades of people with whom I have worked and also so many friends and acquaintances who made Infy complete for me, thanks a lot for being there.

I believe that this shift is a minor change and I hope to stay in touch with you all, always.


Manasa Pamaraju.

PS: I was informed that this ID would be deleted on 17th Oct, 2008 by 5:15 PM. Kindly redirect your replies to my personal ID after 5:15 PM 🙂

Being a human, I enjoyed all the replies and lovely response I got from a number of my friends and colleagues.

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare didn’t think it mattered to give a name to his play, but the play still was given a name – As you like it.

Every entity, every place, every person has a name and with it comes an identity. What happens when this name is violated – misused or mispelt? The implications could be small or big, but whatever they might be, people cannot take it easy. The aggression is justified, as your identity cannot be played with. People have difficulties in learning names and very often they forget the fact that learning to pronounce other’s names is as important as we expect the others to know ours.

Very often, I find many people calling or writing my name wrong. When it comes to my surname, I am yet to come across someone new who has got it right in the first instance. It is justified if a foreigner who is not aware of the Indian pronunciations and words happens to pronounce the name wrong. But, I cannot understand why my own folks have such an issue. To my parent’s credit, my first name is quite a simple name, with three English consonants, each separated by a single vowel ‘a’. My surname also runs on more or less similar lines. The north Indians write it as ‘Mansa’ or ‘Manasi’ and many of the south Indians or all have their own way of writing my surname, ‘Pama Raju’ (when it is a single word) or ‘Rama Raju’ or the best and the most common one is ‘Padmaraju’ (I wonder where did that ‘D’ come from).

My sister has her own issues with her name. Being the youngest in the family, she was christened with names contributed by every important member of the family. She finally ended with seven unofficial names and among them, three were adopted as official. She prefers to be known by just one simple name, followed by our surname. Quite justified, but in order to achieve the correction, it is a long and dedicated process that she needs to endure. My husband too makes his presence felt, with his surname – ‘Ayalasomayajula’. It is quite a long one and many just give up trying to read it, even before trying. Trust me, if you have not tried reading it, then just do it once, it is quite simple and just lengthy. He says that his name is a point of discussion in every new meeting that he attends.

I am sure that each one of us would have had some issues with people, calling our names in their own sweet ways, but it’s truly irritating sometimes. I think that this happens primarily because of the lack of attention that one pays to listening or reading a person’s name. With my experiences, I put in the extra effort to learn to pronounce any of the tough names I come across. Most often, I realize that the person is more than happy that I am trying to learn their name right.

So Shakespeare, sir, I think there is a lot in a name and we need to be attentive with them :).

PS: I have a very bad habit of christening my immediate family and friends with pet-names. I know that some of them are not too happy with them, but I do it because I love you all 🙂 and not for any other reason.



It is such a sad thing, but in spite of the supposed liberalization of women (in the cities and to an extent in villages), men continue to behave cheap. Some of them at work do not look into the eye and have the audacity to have a roving eye even when you talk to them. It is a kind of harassment that is very difficult to be pinned down and punished. There are also many sexist who live wearing the garb of modernity, but do not respect a woman. There inherent bias and their intolerance to a woman’s opinion are highly abhorrent.

A big Yuck to all these perverts and sexists. To all women out there, please don’t even care about such elements with worthless existence. And kudos to all those men who do not discriminate and are human in their behavior to women.

This post has been in the offing for a long time and just now another such incident of cheap behavior wanted me to express my abhorrence.

Are matches made in Heaven?

Yes! Even now matches are made in heaven, but the way these matches are brought about on planet earth has changed drastically. My own marriage has come about through one of the famous marriage portals and then our romance took off on the office email and culminated on the office chat. It was incidental that we both are from the same company for so many years and didn’t realize each other’s existence.

That brings me to the next big platform of marriage alliances – Corporates. The new Indian corporate setup has seen a huge influx of young men and women in their early to late twenties who spend majority of their time at work. More often than not, many find their life-partners. My training batch from Infosys has produced four Company Couples to its credit and the numbers of many more pairs among my other acquaintances, as I have known, have simply grown since then.

What probably makes the cupid aim the arrow is the day-to-day proximity and accessibility. With a continuous interaction and a life so constrained which demands 12 hour days, work-place is the best option to find your life-partner. I suppose the rapport and the comfort that develops over time also makes people complaisant to look elsewhere, because in marriage, tried and tested seems one of the main reasons many long-lasting pairs go all the way up to tying the know. They do not wish to take risks and realize that a known devil is better than an unknown one. I know, this might be a cynical attitude, and there are many who do it because they truly have found their true love. But, the possibility of compromises is not to be ruled out.

So, with matches made in heaven and executed through internet or the corporate world, trust me, it is good to find that special person and yes, worth the effort, if you haven’t found one as yet.

Happy living 🙂

A Wednesday


Writing movie reviews on my blog is something I see as a repeat, as there are umpteen numbers of people dedicated to do just this. One might want to read the expert’s view. But this time, I take an exception. I would like to share my thoughts on the movie – A Wednesday.

The movie starts on the last day of service of Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), who gets thinking about the toughest case ever handled by him. 

Flashback: It is on a Wednesday that the Prakash Rathod gets an anonymous call asking for the release of four militants and in return the caller is ready to reveal the location of four bombs planted in the city. Initially, the Commissioner thinks it might be a crank call, but his doubts are dispelled when his team discovers a bomb in the police station right in front of the Police Headquarters, as per the details given by the caller.

But, Prakash Rathod is a hard nut and will not give up easily. He taps all his sources and mobilizes his best team to work on the case. He even employs a hacker to track the location of the anonymous caller. Time passes and the team has no major breakthrough. The whereabouts of the caller are still unknown and Prakash Rathod decides to release the four militants. It is after this that the story takes a sudden turn.

Neeraj Pandey, the writer-director of this movie has done an excellent job. There is nothing that one finds is usual or run of the mill.  The theme is based on terrorism and Mumbai, but the emphasis here is on the effects of all this on the common man – Aam Aadmi. It is a short movie for one and a half hours, with no song or dance sequences and no masala.

The movie stars Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah, two of the industry stalwarts in one of their career best performances, along with Jimmy Shergill and Aamir Bashir. Jimmy Shergill has effortlessly played the role of a volatile cop. Aamir Bashir stands out with his terrific performance. Probably the performance in this movie can be rated among Naseeruddin Shah’s top five movies. His character portrayal as a common man and then later his outburst in the end, is simply outstanding. It simply leaves the audience spell-bound. Only Anupam Kher could be the single choice to play the role of a tough police officer opposite Naseer. He epitomizes the role of an experienced, cool, composed and in control officer.

The story and its execution are so well done that one feels the tension throughout the movie. It is only once, in the movie, that the Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah come face to face, and this scene comes about very well.

On the whole, the entire movie is power packed, with excellent performances and its cinema at its very best. If you have missed it, then you should catch up soon.  A Wednesday is a must watch.