I have realized one thing that I have some capacity to adjust in any place. The year till date has been quite remarkably marked by a number of Quandaries. Yesterday, I was at yet another crossroad and at that point looking back I felt weighed heavily by what all that had been happening with me. Though the situation in question was not a real big issue but then the cumulative of everything was too much to take.

My ability to adjust has come to fore in this year and moreover to a great extent in the past four months. The levels of adaptability that I possess really marvel me at times 🙂

Off late I have felt a certain surge of confidence within me. I am sure to make it to the B-school of my choice and ‘God forbid it’ that doesn’t happen I would be more than glad to pick up a profession of my choice. I may not even regret leaving my present occupation. Yes, this does sound very whacky and probably unconventional, but then I would want to do what I love the most.

Given anything I can’t stop being happy 🙂 and I guess can’t remain sad for long either.

The want to be in the B-school of my choice has been now become a thing I desire the most and I am going to be in one too.