A shoe is a cover to one’s feet and we do not need introductions to the varieties and models available in the market. But I want to touch a different chord today; a look at various shapes of the feet and the shoes available for them in the market for large feet.

It isn’t a crib, but finding a shoe, it could be a sandal, casual shoe, work shoe, party wear, in short anything that I ever wanted to buy for my feet, I haven’t been particularly lucky in finding either good stores or good models that would cater to my requirement. As a child, my feet grew at a pace that upon hindsight seem to beat the bean stalk from the Jack and the Bean stalk. So in short, I used to visit the shoe stores on a regular basis with my father for a new set of school shoes, both white and black. Then, I didn’t realise the repercussion of all this, well I was naive, genuinely naive, unlike the children of today (well that calls for another blog). So, what happened after all this, my feet reached a size that now compete with my dad’s shoe size and my feet size do not particularly confirm to the usual genuine ladies feet size. Added to all this, my feet are pretty broad too and I know it that there is nothing really feminine about them. I just add a touch of nail polish to guise them.

You might wonder, as to why am I giving all these mundane details, but you will realise the relevance. To make it simple for many of you, it is not easy to try and look for ladies shoes, when one’s feet seem to be more suited for menswear. After a lot of exploration, I have found Bata to be the only place where I end up finding shoes that:

  1. Fit my feet
  2. Are bearable to see and tend to cover most of my feet
  3. Are comfy

It is only in the recent times that I have seen many women requiring shoe sizes exceeding size 6. One of my close friend also has a similar problem and to her credit, I have hardly seen her wear a shoe that they has been made for her. Out of India, the options are higher, but this is only towards the West of India, because the Easterners are small built and in all my long stay in Singapore, I hardly could find a proper shoe. Some shoes that suited beautifully are taken off the shelves and the models discontinued, I really wonder why!

I always wanted to wear stilettos and some of those fashionable shoes. But with the kind of feet I have, can never imagine wearing them. I did try and miserably failed – by bruising my feet beyond words.  But all said and done the feet need maximum maintanence and are actually the epicenter for some of the important nerves. To add some silver lining to my feet, I have a friend who is feet-fetish and to top it, finds my feet very attractive. Can u beat that?

The only pair of shoe that suited me exceedingly was one I bought in the US – Sketchers. These are shoes that have laces only as a farce and one can slip one’s feet in comfortably – slip-ons in the guise of proper shoes. Unfortunately, I can only wear them when I go for a walk, as the weather otherwise is too hot for fully covered shoes. Hush Puppies is another brand, which cater to the three top reasons for me to buy a shoe. Catwalk is another brand which has chic designs and is comfortable to wear. Trust me, none of the local brands ever seem to be comfortable for regular use. So yes, my list of possible shoes to cover my large feet – ends here. 

A general disclaimer remains that one would have to search through these shops too to find the right fit. Hence, to all those people with large feet and those women who have trouble finding the right shoes, I dedicate this blog, wish you all the best always in finding the right pair of shoes.


PS: There is a possibility; I might have missed some of the other possible options, in that case, feel free to comment. I would love to have more options for my feet.