My ‘Hitchki’ Moment

The Hyderabad metro rail opened early 2018 after years of waiting. A lifeline of sorts and hopefully with the network increasing we will see hope at the end of each new line – relief from traffic.

A stark contrast are the slums alongside the metro rail in Miyapur terminal station. The 15 children preparing to join a school and aiming to become a pilot, police officer, army man, doctor are working with their teachers in a make-shift room. This Sunday, I went around to drop-off a mat that I thought may be useful for this school. I had honestly no idea of how was the situation. The children in this school are taught English, Telugu and Math. They also had presentation session where each of them had to speak on a topic. I must say, they did very well and I was most impressed. This was followed by a card making session.

Yuvaneshwari, a.k.a Yuva, a sprightly young scientist took me through the Miyapur slums to this make-shift class room. She and her bunch of fellow volunteers spend few hours of their weekend to invest and help these curious young minds. The aim of this prep-school, is to help these 15 kids be ready to join a school. All the children here are school dropouts. Last year, Yuva and her team put them in Government school, soon to realise that all of them had dropped out. Reasons were lack of encouragement, parents asking them to work / beg at the signals and feed the families. This year, Yuva has another plan. She wants to help these kids get school ready and hopefully put them in NGOs/homes where the kids can stay and go to private schools.

This school #CKE – Chottu ki Education doesn’t need money (at least not right away). What these children need is committed volunteers who can spend some time and encourage them even after they join schools, and helping the parents or guardians see some sense. A lot like the movie-Hitchki – the societal pressures are the biggest barriers for these kids.

If you are interested in volunteering and spending some time with these kids, please get in touch with Yuva. Any student / parent / counselors are welcome to pitch in. There are many more kids who can benefit from your help.