Faith Renewed

After you have put in all your efforts, there are times when you wonder why things are not in our control?

Why is everything going hay-way?

When will I be able to get things done?

Will anything ever work out for me? ….and so on and so forth, I suppose you get the drift.

It is in moments like this that I get my peace/answers in renewing my faith in my God. I had written a post on ‘mann‘ which means heart in Hindi. It is a beautiful verse written by the Late. Harivanshrai Bachhan.

If I had to translate this short poem (without lyrical sense) then it would mean…

If whatever you wish for, that happens then it is good

However, if whatever you wish for, if that doesn’t happen then its even better

Because when what your heart wishes for doesn’t happen

Then that happens which is in his heart

And that is much better than what you had ever wished for.

Last Saturday, was one such instance when something very nice and seemingly surreal happened – all because I had supreme faith in my God.


Home Decor – Revisited

Off late life is completely about her highness – my daughter. To be honest I never imagined that things would change so drastically with the advent of this little creature. Yes, surprises can come in very small packages and change the geography or history of your life completely.

What inspired this post was the recent visit to the wonderful IKEA store. I love the simplicity of their designs and more importantly the thought that goes into making those simple pieces of furniture Useful. Yes, there are many designs that we see in stores that are aesthetically very pleasing but are completely useless when it comes to utility/comfort. I like love IKEA primarily for their utility and aesthetics.

You must be wondering as to how did my angel (or is it the devil these days – terrible twos are on, you see) inspired me to reflect on home decor subject. The answer is simple, whatever I do these days, I somehow cannot get my house to have any semblance of order or propriety, thanks to her. When I mentioned this to many of my regular listeners they dismissed it saying this is ‘but obvious’ in a house with a child. As a person who loves to decorate her house and indulge in it, you can imagine my supposed misery/pain. But then I love my daughter more than all these earthly things too.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I have two options.

  1. Submit myself ( rather my house) to her highness and continue to clean as I go (CAIG)
  2. Try to figure out the most creative and magical way of keeping my house presentable while allowing my daughter to amuse herself
There is though a high probability of people recommending me to follow option 1, however, if there is any creative soul out there who can contrive of a way for me to follow option 2, I would not just be delighted, but ready to do anything for them  (don’t take that too seriously, I have a toddler 😉 ).
So, here goes my plea to all, at finding the improbable option 2.
PS: I love to hear what all those creative minds at IKEA would say if ever they read my plea.