Frustu me !!!

Well… I suddenly feel like running away from my work. It is interesting, but the monotonous work and absolutely no time left for my other activities makes me wonder how long will my patience last.

Yesterday, was one of the worst days.

My head was aching and a severe stomach problem and eyes burning…full blown…

I have lived it !!!!

So i think, today will also be fine.

I hope I will be able to make out time for much more.

Writing always make me feel great. Now am feeling much better.

Bought Somerset Maugham’s Collection of Short Stories Vol.2…I love it !!!!



Why would a person work ?

I think that the main reason for motivation is the praise one can gather from the people they value most and moreover also to satisfy one’s own ego.

I bother to fill my blog with the various entries as and when I feel and never really cared that someone I wanted would be checking it on and off to see how the scribe in me was working.

I did tend to neglect ‘you my blog’, but yesterday night was a sweet jolt that made me realize that I must get a bit more dedicated  J


My biggest folly, that I have come to realize is that I am not motivated enough.

Never in my life, have I really felt the real need to achieve something. I have always lacked the extra push to be the very best. I was always satisfied as being good.


I am now to change all this. I am pushing myself, as much as I can. There is no person who is doing that for me. I am for first time wanting to be in the very best of B-school.

I find myself changed in a number of ways, when it comes my method of work and attitude .

I presume that the recent events are also to an extent responsible, but yet again I would like to credit myself for having adapted in this manner.

I bragging J but I guess kuch hadh tak  ego boosting and boasting is definitely good.


Signing off for the day, and looking fwd for a nice weekend.

" I "

I wonder at the marvel caused by the letter I.
It is highly positive and also negative. It can bring in that magical flavour in a relationship and it can also destroy a beautiful one.
Perusing through a review on Maslow’s theory, I could not help but notice at how relevant the quality of self-actualization is and how I have been implementing parts of it and sometimes tried to express similar feelings but in a different manner.
I believe that by reading an article or a book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, the ideas expressed in there are purely what the author felt or wanted to write.
It is indeed a pleasure reading something that thoroughly interests you and eventually vivifies, but then having your thoughts being reflected by somebody is quite different from the fact of actually getting influenced by it all. There should be a certain amount of individuality in one’s thought. Being pliant to new ideas is not a weakness but blindly following them either because of ignorance or sado-masochistic tendencies is surely incorrect.
The environment plays an incredible role on the psyche of an individual and more so in the tender formative years. Formative years of mind, when an individual is trying to find his/her identity or when one is trying to make a space for themselves where they believe they should be the most. But unfortunately, this does not happen most of the time. Either the opportunity to achieve is curbed or the zest is lacking and foremost reason being the deviations coming across at such times.

The entire being revolves as per the mind and it is the thought which influences the existence. The most logical output of this display is an individual’s attitude.

Attitude towards problems
Have the patience to endure the things that cannot be changed, the courage to change the things that can be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the ones from the others.