The ‘A’ Factor

As my little one was throwing a tantrum to sit in her stroller, I met another mother in the lift. She started talking about how her daughter throws similar fits to sit in her stroller and how it is important to discipline them. As we spoke, I came to know that her daughter was also the same age as my D. Terrible Twos!

Well, it got me thinking about the enamoured ‘A’ word – Age.

It was not just me, but a lot of parents of children below 2 years of age tell their children’s age in the exact months. Obviously, it becomes a habit when the child is below one, but takes a whole year to get rid of it, once they turn one too. I suppose, it comes from the immense happiness of having achieved another milestone with the toddler. Trust me, they aren’t easy at all. In fact, working in an office seems far easier, any given time. πŸ™‚

So as we continue to grow (I know it is never ending πŸ™‚ ), it is nice to tell how old you are until you reach a phase, when you don’t want to reveal it anymore. Rather driven by a lot of peer pressure, for women especially, to not reveal the true age. It is like another fad like being thin. I personally have no qualms in telling my age. I may or may not look it, I can’t always help that, but I am happy to be 30 right now.

Concept: The funda behind my comfort lies in the rationale that I am going to be ’30’ only this ONE year and will never be the same ever again, then what’s the point in covering it up, morphing it or lying about it. I like to live and enjoy every single day and kills me to be down and depressed about anything – least of all my age.

However, it doesn’t mean I won’t take care of myself or not bother about how I look. I do whatever I can and hope to put in a methodical regimen with Yoga.

So, whatever your age, enjoy it and have a ball of the ‘A’ factor.






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