The Indian Flag


Staying away from homeland does make me a lot more patriotic. I am never the sort who compares things or people too much. I just take them on the face of what they/it are. But, the times I am outside India, I tend to compare a lot of things. There are so many different things that can be improved back home and every time I see something new or useful I am scheming in my mind as to how would such a thing work in India and how can one implement it. For all possible applications, India is a completely different palette. There is probably nothing that can be replicated in India without Indianising it, for it to be a hit with the people there. Whether it is the laid back Nawabi culture of Hyderabadis or the Lucknowis or the super fast and crowded existence of the Mumbaikars, everything needs to be uniquely Indian. Apart from all this there is the large set of rural Indians and a fast growing set of people who form the small towns.

In India, the aspect that remains common between the hurry-bury schedules of the big cities to the simple existence of the small towns and villages, is the spice in life. The meddlesome relations, or the inquisitive neighbours, life is never alone back home. There have been times when I totally loved my solitude but I miss the company that is so very constant offered back home. It seems a very tough call to be able to choose from the two. All said and done, I still want a number of things to change back home; a change for the better.

The Delhi metro developed is a feat of achievement and more such dedicated individuals like Mr. E. Sreedharan are required. A correction, there are a number of people like that but then they are silenced or not allowed to execute their ideas by the greedy politicians. Unfortunately, in India the only image that a politician can conjure in our minds is that of a corrupt, dishonest and worthless slut whose only aim in life is to amass so much money that many of his coming generations can survive without bothering ever to work. Can people like us change it? I am yet to find out as to how come an ordinary person gets into politics and also survive. Important legislations like the RTA have provided a light at the end of the tunnel, but there is a long way to go before things begin to work. Some of the politicians at least have started off with new projects. Mr. Vajpayee’s Golden Quadrilateral and the new Hyderabad IT parks spurred by Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu and the latest developments in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and some other states are definitely excellent to learn. But what happens when the Government changes? The plans started by one party are not continued by the other. It is not the nation’s or the state’s goodwill that most of these so called leaders have in mind. The Golden Quadrilateral Project is hardly moving since the Congress Government took over and many of the efforts of the prior leaders are now left to fend for themselves. What a pity that the parties do not bother to work for the Nation’s development.

Leave the working of the Nation in the able hands of the civil servants and we’ll see more Laloos taking the credit. It is alright, people like us would be fine if Laloo apparently takes credit of the fact that the loss making Indian Railways is now making unbelievable profits all because of his efforts. At the end of the day, it is the Nation making the profit and we who exactly were behind all this. But as long as that money doesn’t go into the foyers of the greedy so-called Leaders it is fine. There is a lot to be done in terms of infrastructure and literacy for India to be a world power by 2020. The lack of discipline in the people in general is one of the main reason for the very little progress that our Nation is doing. With so many talented people from our country, India can do wonders. China with its communist regime is building up its world-class infrastructure and it is admirable. There is no point in just gaping at the progress the countries are making while we do nothing and sit hand on hand saying “Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”, that is Nothing is going to help this country. If this was the attitude of the fearless martyrs who fought for our country right from the days of pre-independence, we would never have got our freedom and we would never have won all the wars.

It is time as India celebrates its 59th Republic day that we do our bit and not wait for some so-called leaders to do it for us.

Jai Hind!!!



Twenty-one days of the new year have rushed past me and I am yet to make an entry here. What kept me from writing? A number of factors starting from a new hobby, working on some art projects and looking after a number of little things. Sometimes remaining inconsequential and yet busy is very easy.

Ushering in the New Year I want to put in some of the highlights of the year that was – 2007.

* I was 25 last year and enjoyed the status of being a Quarter centurian. Well, sometimes I did get bogged down by my junta that I was a spinster and seemed like the Everest in front of their eyes who was 30. Well, all said and done I was a bachelorette last year and now I am married woman.

* I found my life-partner last year. From all I have gone through, trust me its an achievement in itself.  Getting married to someone isn’t really an issue, it is the whole thing about finding the right person that makes the process all the more painful and in retrospect humourous. So all said and done got married with all the pomp associated with a traditional South-Indian wedding. A little weary at times, but I enjoyed the shopping, running around and finally all the rituals that went with it.

* From the work perspective, I got my promotion and did pretty decently at work. Partly enjoyed what I did and cribbed for the rest. I suppose that is part of work in itself. What is the fun in working or watching a movie without the cribs or the comment?

* I placed my esteemed leg in four continents. 🙂 Enjoyed traveling every moment of it. I had this major fascination with Greece. Please don’t ask me why. But then, I simply wanted to go there and 2007 was the year when I actually did and what more on our Honeymoon. Couldn’t have ever asked for more.

* Lastly, I finished the year by taking a break from work. Man!!! Do I love this? Yup baby!!!! I do. Once in every 4-5 years, it is good to take a break. Easier said than done, but it definitely does a world of good. It is in moments like this that I have a feeling that yes, I am living. I am living my life for what it is and not just running around in the eternal rat-race with no clue whatsoever of where I will finally end up. I have traveled a lot in the last 4 months of the last year and enjoyed every bit of it.
Couple of years ago, I had resolved that I will not make any resolutions for a New Year. I inevitably break them. But, ironically I managed to stick to this resolve of mine. 🙂

Life is a celebration in itself and I wish you all a Happy New Year with every moment of it to be spent in a celebration!

Eat well, sleep well and smile a lot more 😀