Twenty Somethings…

I was reading an article and the target audience were ‘twenty somethings’. Till a few months ago, I simply accepted the author was referencing people like me. But, things have changed since the last five months as I celebrated with quite some pomp and number of lovely gifts my 30 turns around the Sun.

If you notice the what is written in the article, I do relate to a number of things written there and obviously things have not changed drastically – but they have 🙂

A reference to milestone ages make you sit up and ponder with some profound things in life.

  • What are those things that I really value?
  • How happy am I?
  • What have I achieved so far?
  • Has my career been the way I wanted it to be?
  • How happy are the those people who matter the most to me?

If I start going into each of these, it would be a lengthy blog, so this time around I limit to the question on my career. After five years of being a successful IT professional, I did some deep soul diving and I re-started practically from scratch my career in Human Resources. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and I have had quite some support from my hubs – however it does raise some questions and insecurities.

A quick birthday note to my dear friend ‘S’ with a line or two about my finding my way in my new career triggered this thought from him:

Sometimes starting from scratch is an interesting experience. That way, the job pressures/responsibilities are lot lesser too, which makes the learning part much more enjoyable.

However secure I might be about my plans, goals and in my ability to achieve them, it doesn’t matter how old you are, but a word or two from a close friend makes all the difference.

I probably seemed to have answered not just one question here, but more than that. So what are your answers to some/all of these questions? Would love to know your perspectives.



The Beauty of a Perfect Fit

Among many things that make me happy, one thing that gets me is the when something or an event fits perfectly. The fit could be a good dress that makes you look fab or an event or series of events that pan out better than you had ever expected. You might say, who wouldn’t like that! Well, it depends. Most people are happy when things turn out to be better than your expectations (only if they are aware something so wonderful has happened) and many others might delight a good fit. I couldn’t be sure of the percentage and yes the intersection of these two sets is also a possibility I cannot rule out – as I believe I fall in this category.

Having digressed enough, I am here talking about more mundane stuff and nothing profound – so I here to talk about a perfectly fitting dress. 🙂

My sense of dressing and the taste is something I inherit from my mom and it has surely improved with time. Apart from genetic advantage, my dear friend Di has taught me lot in her own way. I still miss our shopping adventures and choices and debates on dresses and well getting those dresses to perfect fit. The secret is that however, endowed you may be, wearing a good fit and mind you, not a crushing, body hugging one, will always enhance the way you look.

With time, Di and I were not able to meet as often as we liked and I started depending on my hubs and then came another lady, with an undying sense of style, colour and fit. She has sometimes sounded mad about it too, but then Dee is Dee or A, as I call her. She also became that excellent companion who made things right for me and further fine-tuned things for me.

They say, one evolves with time and I would say, in terms of dressing I have evolved too and yes the process continues.

It is one my long cherished ambitions, especially after pregnancy, to fit into a nice suit and well not look at myself and feel a tad sad. Well, I don’t get way too bogged down by my size, but I do not have a complete apathy to it too. So coming back to the perfect fit, I finally achieved about 50% of what I wanted and I am happy at my progress.

So you see, the joy had to be shared and yes, please wish me luck to achieve my target 🙂


To one of the Greatest teachers in Electrical Engineering!

It is said that what matters is not quantity but quality- Well, I am proud to have been taught by one of the best teachers ever in Electrical Engineering.

He taught me Network Theory and Laplace transforms for just two hours in my first year of Engineering and I did fabulously well in those exams. He once explained a concept in second year and life seemed so simple after that. The beauty in his teaching was in the simplicity with which he explained, he came down to the level of the student, never berated one for lack of knowledge and brought in his own devised ways to explain the fundamental concept. Once he taught the concept, I could work on my own and do well. That is the hallmark of a great teacher.

Fortunately, my uncle and one of the greatest minds I have known. He was a teacher beyond words.

He is no more with us today in person, but will always be remembered and cherished with everyone who has known him and more so by those who have been taught by him.


‘Coach’ & I

The last few months have been hectic and I am trying to get back in touch with some of my close friends. The distances make it tough for us to meet, but the technology is amiable in its own way.

So, yesterday, I called T and we spoke for a very, very long time. Simply put, it is highly therapeutic to catch up with close friends even if it is done once in many months. I have spoken a lot about this earlier.

So my dear ‘T’ says, she wants to get me a Coach handbag as my 30th birthday gift.

What can I say, I didn’t have many qualms about my age and turning 30, but this year the kind of gifts I got and make me super happy.

Thanks T. 🙂

Love ya!


One of my close friends, the primary reason who gave me the confidence to come to Sydney has relocated to India for a short time.  With her here, I haven’t really thought or put in much effort to make any friends here. The comfort with her and now her hubs is so much that the first person I can think of calling here is her – for anything. Then why bother going through all this process again!

Just being lazy, but pray, don’t take me to be anti-social. 😉

A’s daughter, I and my D hit it off very well too. They are a year apart and have now learnt to play together. It was indeed tough to picture that they wouldn’t have each other to play with over the weekends.

My quandary is always about what to say or not to say in farewells. I am pretty bad at expressing my feelings openly and hugs don’t really come naturally to me. But then, what would you say, in farewells? Mind you – this question only exists for those chosen few 😉 Yes, I am quite a detached soul otherwise.

The fact that we will miss them and they shouldn’t go and how terrible it would be without them and all… I suppose not, this would make the person who is leaving feeling pretty down in the dumps.

The hope of meeting again – at some time in the future – seems like the statutory warning 🙂

I am yet to find a concrete answer.

I thought that A’s daughter I, showed it beautifully. They were leaving and about to take the lift, when she ran back to where D and I were standing and she gave her friend a tight hug and went back running to her parents with a big smile and bye. Her mom’s eyes were moist.

It was so cute and indescribable in words that this clip would remain in my memory and one of the fondest farewells.

Sometimes, words can’t say much, it just has to be felt and a simple hug can do the trick.