June 16th , 200……..

How many people plan their day in a meticulous manner? Is it really that important to do it in every aspect of life?
The workings of an individual depend on the environment. At times it can be called exposure and sometimes experience. But what actually matters is the individual’s preparation for the task and its effective execution.
Ergonomics is a vital science. Over the years I have seen numerous examples when things have not been proper and reasons can be attributed partly to this.

There have been so many people that I have met in the past two years …. all so vivid and with their own set of idiosyncrasies. Cannot possibly fathom what goes on behind the façade, but over time I can at the least know what they expect out of me.
Some of them who are seemingly close, expect a bit more. I always have my doubts if they realize my quandaries. But one thing makes me happy that every individual has her/his own set of hesitations. May be it’s this uncertainty that makes life interesting.
Its from these people, who make my life so interesting that I have learnt a lot.

Two years ago, on the same day, I had embarked on a completely different journey. I started working. It was not a big achievement, but then it was not something that can be eschewed. Back then, I thought I had planned out things and knew how would the coming months fare. I can now say that nothing I had planned worked the way I wanted. 🙂
Some brought in abundant happiness in my life then and some seemed to cause intolerable pain. A year flew past, and I realized that there were many changes that had happened. It took me quite a while to come to terms with reality. Apparently the transient nature of life has evened out the ebbs and tides.

Now, there is a stark difference in me that I like. Planning has a completely new perspective and over time priorities have altered. To re-discover oneself might sound like cliché to some, but I have enjoyed it so far.