Many years back, as a kid I was interested in history I pestered my folks to take me on a tour of forts and monuments close to Delhi. This is one subject that is considered to be the dreariest of the lot, but as I am myself, I always loved reading about people and their ways of their era. This fascination for the buildings erected by kings during their times finally made my trip possible. The most fascinating one has been The Taj.

Before leaving Doon it was imperative according to me to visit this dream in marble. Indeed, there have been a numerous ways to express the beauty of this enchanting monument, but I still hold the view that the feeling that one experiences when one sees it for the first time from the entrance is better left unsaid. One has to see it to feel it.
If at the age of 11 Taj can have such an indelible influence then what happens to those who see it at a more matured age? The experience can be termed as profound and serene. It is probably this reason why the colour white is the symbol of peace.

Having chanced upon a rare picture of The Taj, I thought it deserved a place in my blog.
I hope each individual makes it possible to experience this at least once in her/his lifetime.