To the “New” life!

Sitting here in this hotel room if there is one thing that I realise it is this – If there is anything that’s permanent then it is’ Change’.

There is a sudden change in my being, my life, my relationships how I used to look at them and how I see them now. I am at the beginning of a completely new chapter in my life that once started would never ever come back to where I am today. Strangely, I have no complaints against it either. I suppose somewhere down inside there was this want for things to change, to start this new chapter.

I love my life!


Madame ‘C’

I have always found it very difficult to pen down when someone has especially asked me to write about them or when I am told to capture some event. The words have to come when I feel like it; otherwise I simply put in a third rate essay to fill up. Well, most often I simply do not write in such circumstances.

Few months back one of my friends was not very pleased that I did not mention her in one of my posts. Frankly speaking I thought about her while penning that post, but wasn’t sure as to how to include her. The least I can say is, our association has been different and I can never stereotype her with any other character that I ever met in my life. She deserves a separate entry and a post dedicated to her.

We are two pretty different people with very few things in common. The reason we hit it off as such good friends is because of those few common points which are in some inexplicable manner the underlying traits of our identities. Her care-a-damn attitude, her absolute and total recklessness in majority of the things is just an excerpt of Madam C.  Contrastingly this is a façade that the world at large sees. Papa’s girl and now married to an adorable young man (yes Mr. P, I like you a lot too) is a sharp and intelligent girl with an acute sense of observations who construes theories that tend towards making sense.

I always think that the best part to our relationship is our conversations. Well, in any cherished relationship that forms the integral building block, but then that is really what binds the two of us. We have had numerous arguments and debates upon issues ranging from how to look good or rather why to look good to career and world affairs. Back in engineering first year, both of us ended up deciding that we must spend sometime working (at least six months) before we were married. Independence of mind, spirit and self, then and now, has been a very important aspect upon which we completely concur.

She is one person with whom I can share my concerns about finding the right size shoe. Only that person can only understand and truly empathize the plight of an Indian woman having shoe size 7 and equally broad too who has similar feet. Madam C does and she knows how tough it is to find shoes/sandals that remotely look feminine and yet are comfortable to house our large feety assets.

Also, she is one of my ardent readers of this blog and usually among the first to see an update and conveys her comments on phone.  Pretty good writer herself her sloth does not allow her to exert her highness’ energy more than reading. My biggest achievement was when this lady, who never comments on blog, just could not stop herself from commenting on this post that defines & unites the two of us.

This blog to you Madame, I hope you liked it.