A guest coming home to stay is always an exciting part of being a child. The news of someone coming home for dinner or to stay for a few days, as a child these were the moments I used to look out for. These were the days that the life was something different from the routine. I used to tag around them for particularly the whole time of their stay and being the child of the house would get all the attention.

Arrival of favourite aunts and uncles was like festival. The elation felt by me could be termed euphoric. There were always gifts. In retrospect there were these lovely little things that don’t really cost too much money, but for a child they were so precious that I still remember some of them. Beautiful bangles for my little hands or a box of chocolates of different shapes are a couple to name. There were also these lovely tips in hairstyles and embroidery that I got in many of those visits that really have bonded me with that person. Some instances that I fondly remember are those when my grandparents came to stay with us and also when my cousins were trooping in. My little mind would make innumerable number of plans for their entertainment and requests were made to mom and dad to take them out to see such and such places. Well, I would also have my particular plans for my cousins too. Take them around some of my favourite play haunts (lichee gardens) or try out the new cycle and so on.

Even today I love having people around me and especially guests whom I particularly enjoy spending time with. It could be from my family or friends. But there is something totally new that I have been experiencing lately. I am now the hostess and the preparations that are to be made for the guests are now my responsibility. As a child or even when I was with my parents, there were a number of teeny-weeny things that had to be taken care of that never struck me. One never realizes what all does mom do behind the scenes that makes those cherished visits work like a dream. Never realized why ma used to be behind our lives to keep things neat and clean. I do realize it very well now. The lovely spreads were something I can never forget. Come to think of it, I wonder how ma used to make them all while having the time to take care of my major needs :). I now enjoy cooking and have a lovely husband to help me out, but yes I do understand that festivals and guests are a lot of fun, but are a labor intensive job for the hostess too. Being a picky person, it just adds to my work, but I don’t mind the effort.

Fond farewells always leave the home an empty place, but if the guest happened to be tiresome, then I think I have very less to say here. Each of you at sometime would have definitely had to deal with such characters. All in all, the job of maintaining a home to a T and enjoying with your loved ones is still great.

These days my husband and I do a lot of planning together and with some changes, the story continues.

PS: Now I suppose you can guess why I have been particularly lazy in posting all this month. Ah! I finally made it.