It was always a belief that I will in my lifetime find my soul mate. Thanks to Gerogette Heyer’s portrayal of strong women and equally matched men who understood and respected a woman for what she is, this belief only deepened.

As luck would have it, I did find someone with whom I could connect at a level that I had never experienced. An inexperienced mind never knew it back then, I realize now that my heart did :). Life would never have been this fun, if that finding had, let’s just say, materialized the way I wanted it to be. It left me hurt, sad and hopeful. Yes, the eternal optimist within me cannot stop looking into the good of it. A boon and a bane at the same time.

If you were to ask me now, if I have found my soul mate, the answer is Yes and several times over Yes. Many people have acknowledged that they could find a soul mate, however not necessarily in their partner. For me, I couldn’t have married anyone who wasn’t my soul mate. Life is too short to compromise when it comes to your partner.

And more recently, I realized that there is not just one soul mate one finds over a lifetime. These treasures could produce themselves as a neighbour, colleague, family member, acquaintance and then transform into a wonderful relationship that makes life worth living for.

If you ask, who are these people, then they are those being with whom you connect at a very spiritual level. Thoughts are understood and very little actually  needs to be said. You barely need to put in the effort to communicate. Being in their presence makes the world feel a wonderful place. The time you spend with them is treasured and every moment is worth it.

To sign it off, these soul mates continue to be part of one’s life like the song below: