Earliest recollections of fragrances that linger are those of musk that my father used. One whiff and I knew he was around and that filled my heart with joy, most sublime and pure. These were the treats of childhood that one whiff even now take me back to those days. Dad’s perfumes are some of the best fragrances and can vouch for them any day. A rugged Brut or Denim or sophisticated Paco Rabanne and the Davidoff coolwater or anything that he uses brings an instant smile. Personally I have always liked the men’s perfume more than those for ladies. Somehow the florals put me off and find them too pungent for my taste.

There do exist a set of women’s perfume that I like and use them based on my mood or occasion. The very first ladies perfume that I liked was White Jovan Musk. I was suddenly thrilled to find something that was faint and yet had a sublime character that made it suddenly stand out. It was an instant hit with me and I took it to as fish takes to water.

The next I chanced upon was Hugo Boss. The men’s version is definitely good but the one for ladies ain’t bad either. Definitely top of the class and makes its mark instantly. Hugo is a tad much stronger than White Jovan Musk is but all the more sexier than the latter. There is a hint of mischief in it that appeals to my senses immensely. It is not fruity or floral. In a plane of its own, Hugo Boss for me is for special occasions and special people.

Davidoff Coolwater is also one of my favorites. As always the men’s version appeases me more than that for women. Thankfully the latter isn’t any let down either. I see it’s been pretty widely advertised these days. The beauty of Davidoff is the sophistication involved along with freshness. Hugo Boss is more sensual in an adventurous manner. And any day, Jovan Musk is far rarer than these but great for daily usage.

Coming to my latest finds, its Givenchy’s Organza. The first time I was asked to check it out, Hugo Boss had cast its effect. The second try was definitely worth it. The strongest aroma of all that I have ever liked, have realized that this one is an instant hit with many men. Partly floral and a tad fruity, Organza seems to represent a woman. I particularly like the bottle too and probably it is this image that also makes it particularly feminine.

Perfumes are very personal and they definitely represent a personality. Choosing the one that suits one the most is not easy, but once found it will always help one make a mark. Indulge in redolence!


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