Live Free or Die

The Maple

In the past nine months, I have been living in a small, partly quaint and quiet place in the northeastern part of USA. To end the suspense, I live in Nashua, New Hampshire. Many people, Americans themselves have never heard of this place and I am not surprised why. The reason is because it has no specific point of interest or attraction here and is a beautiful place to live in; just a stone’s throw away from a number of weekend gateways and attractions. Nashua is just a 50 minute drive from the bustling city of Boston and universities like Harvard and MIT. For a south Indian, the weather here is particularly harsh during the winters but very pleasant for the rest of the year. Most times, this place gives me a feeling of living in one of the hill-stations in India. The landscapes around this town can give a dreamy feel to anyone.

The state of New Hampshire is well known for its Fall colours and to be honest, the words or any number of pictures to describe this beautiful natural phenomena can never do any justice. The first time I saw the pictures, I was impressed but when I actually got the opportunity to see the Fall colours with my own two eyes, I simply overwhelmed. The blazing reds and bright yellows are adorable, to say the very least. People come from all around the world to see the various shades of Maple leaf and why not, its worth every penny. Upper New Hampshire or the area of New England as a whole has a lot to offer in the form of attractions and activities. Skiing in winter and the various festivals like the Hot air balloon festival near Quechee gorge or the Bike festival in summer are ways to keep people entertained. But added to all this, the pristine natural beauty of this place is very refreshing. In many ways Nashua and locales in New Hampshire remind me of my days spent in the Doon valley in Uttaranchal, India.

There is another aspect of New Hampshire that I have come to love, the official motto – Live Free or Die. The first time I saw this, it struck a chord with the inherent rebel that I am. The fact that one can live the way they want to and adhere to what one thinks is right is a supremely independent feeling. Each state in the US has its official motto that it inherently believes. Also, there is always one aspect about that state with which it identifies, like New Jersey is called the Garden State and its motto is Liberty and Prosperity and Florida is called the Orange County with its motto being In God We Trust. Many states are popular with the secondary identifying name that has been given to it, like New York is the Empire State, but in some the motto is more popular. Live Free or Die is amongst the most popular ones. It is immensely popular with me too. 🙂

So, for as long as I spend my time in this beautiful place, I intend to enjoy it to the hilt and live every moment. After all, the motto is Live Free or Die.