Time management

Any small activity that reminds me of myself is a change.

Cooking something good, just managing to complete reading an article, making a phone call without interruptions and most importantly sleeping in short yet good spells are challenges that come with motherhood. I am forced to be disciplined, organised and most importantly implement prioritisation.

Irrespective of it being a weekend, I have to be up by a maximum of 7 and this ensures I finish my chores before its too long drawn in the day. Whatever I take up, has to be completed in a short time span, else her highness is not happy :). This makes me a much more efficient person. I am able to work effectively and complete everything with utmost concentration. Contrary to what one might think, my cooking skills have actually improved due to this.

I now take care of a house, cook, take care of a busy toddler and also work. Phew!

These were something I never thought I was capable of doing and all of them at the same time. I have to say that my hubs is of supreme help and there are many days when these things wouldn’t be done without him. I do have my family pitching in too and that gives me a much needed break.

I have always taken care of myself and there has always been time for relaxation and lethargy. However, taking care of another very important person in my life ( my daughter) has taught me a number of valuable lessons and made me a much better person. I now realise the value of every moment that I get for myself and put it to best use. 🙂