I attended a party last night and was amazed to see how my nieces and nephews are going on. They are a bunch of riot – absolutely fabulous. What struck most was that the younger they were, the more sharper they seem to be. The younger of the two siblings dominates the elder and comes out to be much more intelligent and street smart. 

As per Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – The Premise 

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor: the birds and the bananas, the fishes and the flowers — all related. Darwin’s general theory presumes the development of life from non-life and stresses a purely naturalistic (undirected) “descent with modification”. That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time. In a nutshell, as random genetic mutations occur within an organism’s genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival — a process known as “natural selection.” These beneficial mutations are passed on to the next generation. Over time, beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is an entirely different organism (not just a variation of the original, but an entirely different creature).

I feel that Darwin talked about the possible mutation of simpler species to more complex and completely different ones, preserving some of the beneficial genetic code, which is required for survival. The generation gap these days seems to have narrowed considerably where a difference of 2-3 years makes one see the difference. I was definitely not this sharp at age 1, as is my dear niece and nor was there even a hint of competitive or possessive spirit in me then. So with each passing year, the children of today seem to be bettering themselves and becoming better than their predecessors, in this case, their very own elder siblings. 

I wasn’t very skeptical about evolution or the various theories prescribed, but somehow looking at this fast paced mutation, I seem to take a liking for Darwin sir’s theory.



A guest coming home to stay is always an exciting part of being a child. The news of someone coming home for dinner or to stay for a few days, as a child these were the moments I used to look out for. These were the days that the life was something different from the routine. I used to tag around them for particularly the whole time of their stay and being the child of the house would get all the attention.

Arrival of favourite aunts and uncles was like festival. The elation felt by me could be termed euphoric. There were always gifts. In retrospect there were these lovely little things that don’t really cost too much money, but for a child they were so precious that I still remember some of them. Beautiful bangles for my little hands or a box of chocolates of different shapes are a couple to name. There were also these lovely tips in hairstyles and embroidery that I got in many of those visits that really have bonded me with that person. Some instances that I fondly remember are those when my grandparents came to stay with us and also when my cousins were trooping in. My little mind would make innumerable number of plans for their entertainment and requests were made to mom and dad to take them out to see such and such places. Well, I would also have my particular plans for my cousins too. Take them around some of my favourite play haunts (lichee gardens) or try out the new cycle and so on.

Even today I love having people around me and especially guests whom I particularly enjoy spending time with. It could be from my family or friends. But there is something totally new that I have been experiencing lately. I am now the hostess and the preparations that are to be made for the guests are now my responsibility. As a child or even when I was with my parents, there were a number of teeny-weeny things that had to be taken care of that never struck me. One never realizes what all does mom do behind the scenes that makes those cherished visits work like a dream. Never realized why ma used to be behind our lives to keep things neat and clean. I do realize it very well now. The lovely spreads were something I can never forget. Come to think of it, I wonder how ma used to make them all while having the time to take care of my major needs :). I now enjoy cooking and have a lovely husband to help me out, but yes I do understand that festivals and guests are a lot of fun, but are a labor intensive job for the hostess too. Being a picky person, it just adds to my work, but I don’t mind the effort.

Fond farewells always leave the home an empty place, but if the guest happened to be tiresome, then I think I have very less to say here. Each of you at sometime would have definitely had to deal with such characters. All in all, the job of maintaining a home to a T and enjoying with your loved ones is still great.

These days my husband and I do a lot of planning together and with some changes, the story continues.

PS: Now I suppose you can guess why I have been particularly lazy in posting all this month. Ah! I finally made it.

Driven by Destiny

Rain on a hot summer day can result in thinking about myriad things. The effects of these ruminations on my usual prosaic self ended up forming the essence of this post, but now I seem to be at a loss for words. Frankly, this blog started about nothing in particular and just some rambling in general and just like a pleasant breeze took an interesting turn.

I usually think I am sane, well for that matter who doesn’t consider oneself sane… you should not ask such questions… but am sure one person who wants to oppose this fact with the greatest vehemence will be my sis. Actually, it so happens that siblings seem to be the worst effected lot and subjected to a certain degree of torture. This statement could actually worry you, but hey, the torture is primarily in the form of some of the choicest abuses that one bestows on your sibling.

So choice of a sibling is one such thing where we totally lack choice. God just destines and there you end up having so and so person for your bro/sis. My sis accuses me of asking for a baby sis when all the while she was going to be born a boy. She believes (please read those words with a certain pronounced emphasis) that back then I was a much better person (let’s just discount such assumptions..) and hence God granted my wish. This is just one small example to prove what kind of arguments and accusations are part of the sibling fight. As sisters, we fought and well at one time if I thought I was getting better at arguments and contemplated a career in law then I think I knew what/who was responsible for this. 😉 Well, there are advantages too.

As I don’t have a brother, I can’t throw much light on that, but have seen that brothers who have major physical fights with their sisters as children (at least most of them do) turn out to be fiercely protective brothers who don’t want their sisters to have anything to do with a guy (What double standards rt?!? :)). At least I see a number of my cousin brothers being fiercely protective of me and they mean more than cousins to me. In a way, didn’t miss not having a brother too much.

Having a younger sister myself, let me admit, we fought. Had major fun and drove ma mad at times. But then, there is something that no one else can possibly fill in for. The cover ups from parents, innumerable tales about school, college and work, the frustrations, the struggle and all the victories; a whole gamut of precious moments shared only with a sibling. My mother and father both have a lot of siblings and they are all very close, touchwood! There is a stark difference between their generation and ours. My friends dominate my immediate circle more than my cousins and the nuclear families that we are now into, only makes it more necessary to have friends, who mean a lot to you. My sister and my friends form this support for me that my mom gets from her siblings.

This post is about siblings and it would not be complete if I don’t write about my sister. She is five years my junior, but over time that gap has diminished. It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that my baby sister has grown up, but I am glad that it happened. She is the harshest of critics that could have ever existed. I am a follower of the Sun sign theory and have seen it for the umpteenth time that a Sagittarian and a Capricorn can never have a harmonious relationship. With our current distance, me living far away from home, we seem to have mellowed down. I am sure that this will diminish at a radioactive rate when we start living nearby. I don’t mind that. She is one of the most sensible girls for her age and extremely intelligent and humorous with a razor sharp wit, that can hurt you if you are not careful. I can write a lot about her and one might think I am biased, but ask her if you don’t believe me, I am very stingy with appreciations 😉 especially about her.

So let me end this post right away, before I am forced to delete it. It is tough to accept that your worst enemy is your best friend. What do you have to say sis?

This post is for ya!

All the best Coo :*


My daily bus drive to office takes me around the city in about an hours’ time. The best part of the morning ride is the view of the airport runway. Many a times the timing of our bus has been such that the aeroplane just about lands or is about to take off. The alignment during take off is perfect. The front wheels are exactly in middle of the lights that are placed for marking this. There is hardly any level of deviation to this.

To me, the take-off, airborne flight and landing have always been a matter of awe. Fine, I heard people yelling that science has progressed so much and all the jibberish and so on, but I insist on writing this blog. I insist on capturing those innocent and pristine memories of childhood when I used to stand in my balcony and wave at those helicopters or an occasional plane that flew over our house. And assume that they can actually see me and they do wave back, just that I can’t see that they are waving. Sometimes even go running behind the plane in an attempt to chase it. I remember my little bro calling the Airport, Hairport and the Aeroplane, Heroplane. It has kind of stuck on and mostly all of us at home still use the same name. It instantly brings a smile on our faces and throws one into reverie of the golden period.

Looking at the surface from a height of thousands of feet for an acrophobic can be a quite exhilarating experience. I never miss the window seat in my journeys. Well if the plane crashes then I might as well see my last descent. Some would say, what a pessimistic way of travel, but then I look at it otherwise. I am in absolute awe of the latest Boeing 787. The pics sent were courtesy one of my Aerospace engineer friend. This guy is scared of flying, for the simple reason that he kinda knows what could be wrong because of such and such noise. Good gracious! I didn’t take that branch in my engineering; otherwise added to my fear things would just have been “flights of fantasy”.

And yes, I am soon to get a Boeing craft as a gift from the same “Aero” friend. Will update the blog with a pic, as and when I get it.

This post is dedicated to the same “Aero A” friend.


Earliest recollections of fragrances that linger are those of musk that my father used. One whiff and I knew he was around and that filled my heart with joy, most sublime and pure. These were the treats of childhood that one whiff even now take me back to those days. Dad’s perfumes are some of the best fragrances and can vouch for them any day. A rugged Brut or Denim or sophisticated Paco Rabanne and the Davidoff coolwater or anything that he uses brings an instant smile. Personally I have always liked the men’s perfume more than those for ladies. Somehow the florals put me off and find them too pungent for my taste.

There do exist a set of women’s perfume that I like and use them based on my mood or occasion. The very first ladies perfume that I liked was White Jovan Musk. I was suddenly thrilled to find something that was faint and yet had a sublime character that made it suddenly stand out. It was an instant hit with me and I took it to as fish takes to water.

The next I chanced upon was Hugo Boss. The men’s version is definitely good but the one for ladies ain’t bad either. Definitely top of the class and makes its mark instantly. Hugo is a tad much stronger than White Jovan Musk is but all the more sexier than the latter. There is a hint of mischief in it that appeals to my senses immensely. It is not fruity or floral. In a plane of its own, Hugo Boss for me is for special occasions and special people.

Davidoff Coolwater is also one of my favorites. As always the men’s version appeases me more than that for women. Thankfully the latter isn’t any let down either. I see it’s been pretty widely advertised these days. The beauty of Davidoff is the sophistication involved along with freshness. Hugo Boss is more sensual in an adventurous manner. And any day, Jovan Musk is far rarer than these but great for daily usage.

Coming to my latest finds, its Givenchy’s Organza. The first time I was asked to check it out, Hugo Boss had cast its effect. The second try was definitely worth it. The strongest aroma of all that I have ever liked, have realized that this one is an instant hit with many men. Partly floral and a tad fruity, Organza seems to represent a woman. I particularly like the bottle too and probably it is this image that also makes it particularly feminine.

Perfumes are very personal and they definitely represent a personality. Choosing the one that suits one the most is not easy, but once found it will always help one make a mark. Indulge in redolence!

Childhood lost!

Precocious! I heard myself say every time I had an encounter with my little cousin. Children have fascinated me in their own special way. But, off late am facing a certain degree of skepticism when approaching those above the age of seven.

I have found myself enjoying so much with children because of the single reason that I tend to relive my childhood every time I spend time with them. Am glad that I have had quite a splendid time as a child with most of my whims taken care of. Interestingly, I am being pampered at this age, more than I can ever remember. Thanks to my friends and well-wishers. 🙂

It is quite natural to have one’s mom or dad pet the child. In the nuclear families it is but the only thing to do. Parents completely devote their entire attention and energies toward the single child or max a couple of them. Seems a pretty decent proposition. But then, how often do we see children throwing a tantrum and parents acquiesce it? Quite often is my observation. I wouldn’t comment upon the ways of parenting, as I lack experience. What I cannot fathom is that how is it in the interest of the child to give into every whim? That’s quite exactly the case with my little cousin. She is an intelligent and well behaved child, but then the excessive doesn’t gel with it.

Owing to remarkable technological changes, children today seem to be quite knowledgeable about a number of things. Saying this might sound a cliché on my part, but I had another cousin of mine, eight years my junior, support the same. The cause for concern is that these children in their quest to grow up faster are missing some of the best years of their lives. The innocence which is the essence of childhood is lost. No more can one marvel at their thoughts, if all the while it seems so very precocious.

Some day, I hope to have children of my own and can only hope I am not an excessively indulgent parent and that they preserve the essence of childhood for the time they should.


Many years back, as a kid I was interested in history I pestered my folks to take me on a tour of forts and monuments close to Delhi. This is one subject that is considered to be the dreariest of the lot, but as I am myself, I always loved reading about people and their ways of their era. This fascination for the buildings erected by kings during their times finally made my trip possible. The most fascinating one has been The Taj.

Before leaving Doon it was imperative according to me to visit this dream in marble. Indeed, there have been a numerous ways to express the beauty of this enchanting monument, but I still hold the view that the feeling that one experiences when one sees it for the first time from the entrance is better left unsaid. One has to see it to feel it.
If at the age of 11 Taj can have such an indelible influence then what happens to those who see it at a more matured age? The experience can be termed as profound and serene. It is probably this reason why the colour white is the symbol of peace.

Having chanced upon a rare picture of The Taj, I thought it deserved a place in my blog.
I hope each individual makes it possible to experience this at least once in her/his lifetime.