Why do I possibly trouble myself by watching movie…

Why do I possibly trouble myself by watching movies that seem so impractical. It could be because I have always believed in it….all through and somewhere down I still believe in it. It might seem most impossible..I wouldn’t rather say that… but just impractical.. but I want it. I know it may never come true, but still want it.

Can such a desire be termed stupid?

Well I suppose I will come to know.


Ma Bamma.

The end of the year 2004 saw the end of the last of my Grand parents. To me this may not make a very big difference but then there is some kind of unexplained gap. I have always yearned for a grand father. Whenever I hear people, from outside the family, talking about both maternal and paternal granpa’s I feel very good and just then there is this want to have been acquainted with such personalities.

Day before yesterday while I was loitering in the house I chanced upon her memoirs. She had summed up some of her life’s most cherished moments and some experiences that left an indelible mark upon her life. As long as I have known her she was a lady with perfect health and a person with no idea whatsoever of procrastination. I always believed she would live to be a Centurion and wanted my kids to know her. This crazy belief is what makes it hard for me to believe that she is no more.

She was a lady who had impeccable memory and this database am sure would put any fetching algorithm to shame. She had an admirable collection of sarees. The best part was that these included such unconventional and rare colours that every saree seems superb. It was not just the collection it was also the maintenance that was of a superior quality. She stuck to this regime till the end. An excellent cook and home maker. Her only regret being not been able to become a doc. But this interest was so great that she knew the human anatomy so well and its related diseases and drugs that she amazed those docs she went to :-).

The part where I connected with her was with books. She was an avid reader of both English and Telugu literature. We have had some very interesting conversations about Pearl .S. Buck , Tolstoy and many others. I do miss these. We did exchange some books and one of her favorite Anna Karenina was lent to me before she could read it for the second time. We all shared another thing in common… she was a major competitor for all the chocs that father and uncles got for us :-). Ice-cream parties were a common feature with her. She was a very flexible lady and something really admiring was her effortless ability to adjust in different places. I am sure its pretty tough to do that at the age of 70 and over, after having lived a whole life upon one’s terms. There was always a certain amount of stubbornness and control that she always had in her.

I wouldn’t like to call this an obituary. These are just some of the many things I have known about and probably shared with her. A memory I wouldn’t like it to fade.


I am despoly trying to get back my blog…I guess I was too enamoured with unravelling the features that has put me into this enigma…

I hope this post revives it …

Managed to revive it. It pays to keep trying…. I have managed to beat my Infy Server 🙂

Thanks God.


Dreams are always weird. Some are illogical and some frightening that I get up in the middle of the night with a major jolt. There have been dreams when I have laughed the whole day after that. Unfortunately, I hardly remember all my dreams 😦 unlike my mom who has dreamt some of the most hilarious ones or my friend who said she has seen a movie and its sequel in her dreams. I guess how the continued version starts…. Just trying to imagine the start 🙂 . I can’t remember a whole dream completely and here are people with episodes…

Yesterday’s dream was totally illogical. Apparently, Bandy and I were supposedly on our way back home, in a city that I had never seen and this time in a tube train…that suddenly changed to a long hallway where we decided to eat. ( I must admit I never miss my meals 😉 I know many of you might wanna say lots about it..but chill !! ) Though Bandy had something I didn’t. We then decided to get going. Just then Bandy offered to take us through some kinda shortcut. This primarily included moving from one building to another. You might want to know whats so illogical, well we were moving across the roof tops :D. Bandy crossed one, claiming to be an expert and having done it many times… I was as usual being cautious, waiting for her to accomplish the crossing, successfully. Bandy then met a man on the other roof top. He was sitting there, I presume waiting. He cautioned us saying that the owner of this roof is a grumpy man who doesn’t like people crossing using his roof. Well just then this so called skyscraper.. or that I had imagined turned into the roof of independent houses. But the roof was all connected (I guess the way it was in Doon). Bandy managed to cross it but then she got worried. I was trying to comfort her and tried to show how easy it was. ( I hope u still remember it was a dream)

Just then I realized we were on the ground floor and had reached our destination. Isn’t that really quick…how I wish I could circumvent the daily traffic.. I don’t mind facing my acrophobia and getting home so fast.

We then were at somebody’s house. ( I am not sure if this was the place we wanted to go) I presume we were there on some kinda errand and got ourselves invited. I have never visited this house…believe me…only in my dreams. The family didn’t seem very pleased to have us there L. But then we had to do our duty. ( Pl no questions about what that was). We were asked to accompany for breakfast/lunch/snack (no idea). I guess we did eat something because we thought it was civil to wash our plates after we were done.

At the table, there were two little girls. One of them was asked to sing some nursery rhyme/song,( as usual is the course with the little souls..their parents always want to show what all their children learnt and also some kinda entertainment for guests) .The recital was duly corrected by her elder sis. Apparently, the hostess liked our behaviour. (I dunno for what…) She then told us about our common acquaintance. It was nice to get compliments for nothing.

That was the end of it. Well I frankly didn’t understand why did Bandy and I go to visit this weird family and possibly crossing roof tops :).

This entry definitely requires a mention of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan. I have always enjoyed the poem. Its fascinating to see how one’s brain works while dreaming.


I had decided upon trying my luck… rather my folks … because 26th ka khana maine banaya tha. Well Div n I prepared the dinner. We had planned for pyaaz ki roti and Mughlai Cauliflower. I think our stars were bright.. we managed to do it well. Not bragging though, but my finicky coz is very particular about food and he approved with an A+. Both of us were too thrilled.

The applause did take a while to die down. That’s why one should make oneself more rare I suppose..people tend to appreciate ur effort more ;-))

Will be trying it more often 🙂

Another dimension…

Finished writing all the crazy entrances…. am sure I won’t make it thru any of them…but then its ok. I have a relatively good life and right now am enjoying the ample..rather excess time I get at home. May be polishing my culinary skills would be more fun.

At work am being very busy. The very fact that I have come to work on a Saturday is the proof of it 🙂

Procrastinating is one thing i have to get rid of. Am sure many of my well wishers would want me to do that. have been trying though and can only hope to improve 😀

I guess its the result of the same that I have not yet posted any reviews of the books I have read. hmmmmm but gotta do something about it very soon.

New Year

New Year 2005 has arrived.

It seemed soo long a time when it’ll be 2004 and now its over and am full blast into the new year.

Interesting scenario…so many things happening. My bday was not the same…it was after my last of my grand parents’ demise. It kinda seems very sad when I realise that there are no more gran parents for me. But then its part n parcel of life.

Was reading my astrological predictions for the new year. It is marked ..rather smothered with romance…lets see how things turn out to be.

The capricornian trait of applying practicality to everything is something I am just unable to shed…whether its concerning my attitude towards someone who was in my life and now not there even when they can or otherwise….

The first week in office has been exremely hectic with loads of work to do. bahut kaam hai !!!!

But in a way am enjoying it all……

Will update about my bday n all in due course….luv u blog.