Living Essentials

I wouldn’t compare myself to a nomad; however, I have been moving places. Interestingly more and more people are required to move across cities, countries and continents. This seems to have become a norm with the opportunities spread all across the globe and one doesn’t know where the next big (or supposedly big) opportunity might take you.

Being part of such experiences which have so far made us set up home three times in the last five years in three different continents (and more individually), I believe I can sum up what I think are my living essentials.

One might ask what triggered this sudden thought provoking (TP) listing, well it was a raw mango that husby picked up in the hope of making the lovely ‘Mavidikayi pappu’ (Mango Dal).

Contrary to my expectations, the raw mango was reasonably sour with a hint of the typical raw flavor that sets in before the mango turns ripe and just at the right juncture to make the yummy pappu. You could rate my delight pretty high at this tasting and the end result was fairly good and could have been much better. I am sure my second attempt would be better J

So coming back to my TP list, here you go:

  1. Food – Elements of our Indian cuisine, especially Andhra ingredients which enable us to continue to stay connected with our roots.
  2. A set of family or close friends with whom you relate – Living without good support system can be pretty tough, especially in a new place.
  3. Happiness in the work I do – a.k.a – Dream job J or at least working towards it.

There can be a number of other things that can be added to this list, such as great weather, travelling, owning a car and so on and so forth, however the ones in the list are essentials for me.

It doesn’t signify where we live, but it is those essentials that for me make all the difference of how we live.


Raksha Bandhan

My literary journey began when I was in school. We had an assorted set of some of the best works to study, understand and imbibe – prose and poetry. That experience has been so good that till this day I remember practically all the works I studied.

Residing far away from home, in the Southern hemisphere I couldn’t think of a better way to express my love and wishes to my brothers, except through this beautful poem by Sarojini Naidu.

Raksha Bandhan

Beloved I offer to you
In tender allegiance anew
A bracelet of floss, let me twist
And violet, to girdle your wrist.
Accept this bright gage from my hand
Let you heart its sweet speech understand
The ancient high symbol and end
In wrought on each gold-threaded strand,
The fealty of friend unto friend.
A garland how frail of design,
Our spirits to clasp and entwine
In devotion unstained and unbroken,
How slender a circle and sign
Of secret deep pledges unspoken!