Connecting to ‘me’

As a course of daily life, we play myriad roles of that of a daughter, wife, mother, co-worker, boss, etc,. but quite often forget the real me. In order to function right it is essential to connect to the real ‘me’ inside.

Two days ago, I found real joy and me. While getting back home from my mother’s place and there were a set of things that I really like that came together, to make me really happy. In order of sequence:

  1. I was driving a nice car on a relatively traffic free road after a really long time: driving is one of those things that can uplift me anytime.
  2. It was dusk and in spite of the crazy pollution and the evening traffic just starting, the sun shone in a beautiful golden yellow that was so ‘happy’ – nature is another thing that makes me happy, I can spend hours admiring it and love to go to places where nature is respected and treasured. The beautiful sun all through the way, just made me forget everything.
  3. A beautiful number from a Telugu movie – Anathpuram 1980 – Kontechupu tho. The lyrics, the music just made it for me. I ended my drive with this beautiful number on the radio and what can I say, I loved life! 

These are the simple things that life is made of and that which makes life worth living and loving the ones in our life!