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I have started a new blog on food. I am not a chef or a star, just sharing some gharelu/intlo recipes with all. Things that I learned so far and will continue to. I will also be adding recipes that I loved eating/enjoyed making from my friends and family.

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A Petition

There are very few places that I have visited where I would love to go back and more importantly would want to probably live there. San Francisco being one such place, another city that comes very close to it, but not known to many is the city of Visakhapatnam or Vizag. 

I am yet to meet someone who has visited this beautiful place and said that he/she didn’t like it. It is for one a very well planned city and a dedicated set of people who do the town planning. Better than many I have seen in India. But all said and done, it somehow still doesn’t get the right kind of treatment that an important port city should get. I could just go on with the things where the city needs improvement, but this time we are addressing one aspect.

This petition is written to protest against the extension of two trains plying between Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad all the way to Bhubaneshwar. Godavari Express is the pride of Andhra and is one of the most prestigious trains. Getting a reservation, as it is is extremely difficult with the kind of demand. Gareeb Rath which was recently introduced between Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad is an effort to cope with the traffic. Instead of adding more trains to the route, we have the petition from Eastern Railways to extend the train to Bhubaneshwar. Why should this be the case, when there are already four trains that have been extended in a similar way?

The petition here lists all these and other reasons in detail. Would appreciate if you can lend your support in this cause.


Happy Valentines’ Day!

This Valentines’ day is very special. It is the first of many (from personal point of view) and I can really go on talking about it. But I’m not here to share that. I think Valentines Day is a day to express our love, it can be to anybody so here I go…. 

There can be different kinds of love and as unique is each person, so is their love; it is special in their own way. I have a number of people among my family and friends, whom I value and love them a lot. Am sure I have expressed this in a number of my previous posts. There is one thing that I realized recently that I cannot survive without: reading. When I mean reading, it means the books from my favourite authors. 

Water, oxygen, my coterie and books are what I really need to survive. If for some reason I haven’t been able to pick up those books for a long period, there is a great sense of loss which can only be relieved by yes, reading a book. 

This Valentines’ Day, I would like to let you know about some of my favourite authors and some of the best books I read.

I have read this book over and over again a zillion times and have always felt the same thrill. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of her remarkable works. Centuries might fly past, but people at the core remain the same. The intricate web of family ties, the relations and the divide between the rich and the poor never change. I love this book for all its characters and for the most delicate way everything is handled.


One day, rummaging through my aunt’s book closet I found this author’s book; reluctant Widow by Georgette Heyer. There was something about the book and the title that made me inquisitive enough to read it. If anyone has ever reproduced regency era and written the dialogues between the lead characters with more wit then I can relinquish my love for her. She is absolutely enchanting and just transports one to the land of the Regency period. A must read for all those who enjoy classics. Please try, even otherwise. 🙂

The simplicity of his writings and as-a-matter-of-fact descriptions of the most commonplace and equally complex characters makes William Somerset Maugham one of my favourites. He is splendid. His short stories are compelling and almost always have an excellent twist in the end. His books are always a delight and thought-provoking. There is one thing I have learnt from him, the toughest way to write is to keep it simple.

There are a number of other writers and authors whose books I have enjoyed immensely. I would highly recommend, No full stops in India by Mark Tully, Jeffrey Archers for a lovely breeze of a ride, Robert Ludlums for some fast pace dramas, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, Ayn Rand for the immortal Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and many more. But let me come to the one author who simply is immortal and is one of the reasons for me to start this blog.

Pelham Grenville Wodehouse is God for me. That is probably the simplest way of putting it. Whenever I feel I am down in the lowest and gloomiest of dumps, I just have to pick up a Wodehouse to successfully revive myself. The Jeeves and Blandings stories are simply superb. Can anyone portray such fine degree of wit and humour with such dexterity and simplicity? None! The closest I came across was Jerome K Jerome’s Three men in a boat (To say nothing of the dog). One has to simply read his short stories or his novels to experience the God himself. Unfortunately there aren’t many who read books these days and even less who read P.G. A sad plight is how my old flesh and blood and I would put it. Wodehouse died on February 14, 1975 but his books remain with people like us forever.

Wodehouse it is you that I dedicate this day!

PS: This post is inspired  and dedicated to one of the greatest of fans of Wodehouse, dear Uncle Emsworth.

Angela   🙂



There always seem to be a thousand and one things to be done at any given time. To prioritize and most importantly to have a clarity on what exactly should be done is I think most important.

Clarity in thought, clarity in action is one seemingly simple but elusive thing, just like common sense which is unfortunately is not so common. When I talk about clarity here, I am talking about the clarity in career, the clarity to choose a life-partner or if one delves deeper then the clarity to have a life-partner or not and so on. These are few but pertinent things that do seem to affect the majority of the humanity. More often than not, one is always in the lack of such clarity. It is a case of sheer happiness and pleasure to meet someone who knows what he/she wants; how would they want their life to be and what does one foresee life to be. Whether they are able to execute their plans and achieve them is a totally different story, but at least there is the reasoning that they had an idea and tried.

Boredom often causes disillusionment and this has been something I have been hearing a lot from many of my friends and acquaintances whom I have met in the recent past. I must admit that having been plagued with a certain amount of boredom myself, with respect to my career I have taken up this so called holiday for myself from work. I realized I needed sometime to think about what I like, what am I good at and what would I really want to do with my life and get some clarity. Yes, I do need some too.  

I have always been a firm believer of the fact that a crux of a person should never change but the outer package must freshen itself on a constant basis to keep boredom at bay. This wrapper change keeps relationships in tact and most importantly keeps the person within you also happy. After all, we are doing all this for our own happiness. Altruism is something I don’t really believe in. I have had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine on this and upon retrospection I have no choice but to concur with her. She said that if one tries to please someone else or is doing something for the other person’s happiness then in turn that person is doing it for their own self. Obviously, if you see your loved one happy, you know you are going to be happy.

What I intend to say or rather post a question is that when one realizes that he/she is doing something that bores one and you don’t have an idea as to what to do next or are looking for the clarity to know what you could do best, how and where do you start looking? Any answers/clues, most welcome.

Flowing like ….. Water

This weekend was spent doing some of the most mundane things. Lazed around, read a magazine, touched on Wodehouse, cleaned up lot of neglected closets, bathed at leisure without even bothering about time. Watched a movie and thought I might just crash. Pretty ordinary, peaceful day till then and yet memorable, in terms of the time I got for myself, quite a change from the ordinary. Must say, the rat race is pretty abhor able.

With world cup finals having started, my sis came up with the proposition of watching ‘Water’ – Deepa Mehta film. I must say, I was a little weary at that time in the night to watch it. But then, had been postponing this particular movie for a while now and the idea to watch a good movie won over my sleep deprivation.

I really don’t wish to do any kind of movie review here, but then it was simply excellent! Strong in its story line, subtle in portrayal of situations with a nice under current to be felt by the viewer accompanied by some very good cast and direction to back up. Water, was straight and hard-hitting. A seven year old little girl is married and then widowed and left in the widow aashram as that is the custom of the times. She is waiting for her mother to come and take her back home. How heart wrenching can that be? The supposed explanation she is given is “When the husband dies, half of the woman dies and hence an aashram is the best place for her”. The girl replies, “But, she is half alive.” Subtle dialogues like these that give this movie a nice touch and set one thinking.

The meanings of the rituals and practices written in the scriptures have been understood as per the convenience of the times and more so as per the convenience of the wealthy people of the times. This is pertinent even now. Just that, this has shifted to politics and politicians make use of religion and manipulate people to fill their pockets. At the end of the day, it’s all about money, honey.

Being the optimist, I hope to see an improvement in the world and more so in the treatment of children around. We, the blogging or say the Inet accessible community, all said and done, is definitely more privileged when compared to millions of others. Isn’t it time, we did something about people around us? The question is part rhetoric too, because going with the milieu it is very easy to follow the crowd.

I think it is time I did something.

To catch an in-depth review of Water, check out Rashmi Bansal’s blog.

Addiction or Indulgence?

My intro happened when I was in class six. The freezing temperatures were the compelling factors for this meet. I was not averse to the idea but then the enthusiasm was also not too high to try out something new. Mom insisted may be you could have biscuits and start to know more. The prospect didn’t seem bad and decided to taste for the very first time what tea was like.

From dipping biscuits to an all time anytime tea – a –holic, I am a self confessed tea freak who lives by the notion that there can never be anything better to drink than this. I mean in any circumstance a cup of tea is always gladly welcome. Lately, I was deprived of this at office cos of certain logistic constraints, in short I didn’t have a cup to drink from the dispenser. Ginger tea or a nice well made home tea tops the charts but then once you are soo addicted it seems imperative to have it in any which way. I don’t compromise much upon it though, coz I went all the searching for the best tea stall even during my Sing stay. My poor friends had to withstand my madness of having it from one particular place only irrespective of whatever the situation.

If there were some Things that I can never live without, I think tea tops it all. I can go all preachy about how it is good for general health and blah blah, but let me stop right here. Dedicating a post to it must have given you enough of an idea what a freak I am.
Well, if you also have such an addiction or rather indulgence do let me know. It’s always nice to know .

Cheers and happy Tindulgence!

PS: This post is also dedicated to one of my amazing tea companion with whom I have shared many a lovely conversations. 🙂


My day begins with a promise to myself that I’ll sleep again early during the day. Sadly that is fulfilled late in the night. It’s always the case when I think I am going to sleep early tonite and end up really late. The weekends are usually dedicated towards absolute sloth. The one and only thing that lingers on my mind is that this weekend I am going to sleeeeeeppp. Ah! A wish that rarely comes true, coz as one should have it one can hardly sleep when one has all the time to do anything that one wishes. Sleep then, seems absolutely trivial. Can you believe that?? A paradox that I am trying to resolve since the time I took up this godforsaken job.

Anyways, let us return to the most pertinent point of my life… Sleep. My dad, like many, believes that 4-5 hours of deep sleep is sufficient for a person. I know, it sounds blasphemous to many (that includes me too). But, the fact remains its person dependant. Some need just about 4-5 hours and some even 9 hours. Unfortunately, for my poor dad who is a major workaholic and the types who can run for over two days without proper sleep, his daughters love spending time sleeping. Having been part of the supposed hi-tech world for some years now, I have also developed the notion that I can actually make up for the sleep lost over the weekdays during the weekends. Scientifically proven fact remains that this is not true and one cannot cache the sleep this way. But I suppose this is more psychological.

The whole of last week I have felt that I have been deprived of the most important thing in life and also have been working too hard. Secondly, this week I have spent majority of my time just sleeping. Strangely, no amount seems enough. The whole of Friday is spent on a single hope that one can rest rather crash over the weekend. But, somehow this Friday evening my sleep seems to have vanished the moment I stepped out of office. What do you think this is? Am I actually soporific or non-workaholic? Please don’t bother to answer because whatever the answer I cannot accept either of the options. Dukh hota hai yaar… sach ko aise jhel pana 😉

All said and done.. this blog is for one of my fondest (sleepy) indulgence.