Flying over dusk

While sunrise and sunsets are ethereal from land, they move into a completely new paradigm when viewed from the sky. For a moment, it feels I am that much closer to the universe. I have always loved viewing the sun rising or setting into the night. There is a sense of peace and calm that seems to pervade when I get the chance to enjoy this phenomena in complete silence. I suppose, it is because of the certainty with which one witnesses the magic of clockwork like universe – the surety it gives us of a new day and new beginning.

One of the most beautiful sights is a flight over dusk. A few weeks ago, I took an evening flight into Benguluru. The beautiful shades of pink weaved into golden and azure skies were a sight to behold. For a moment, it felt that one is gliding over cotton cloud. It is a sight to behold! And as dusk sets in, one is engulfed into dark clouds and night engulfs.

I bow to the eye. Never can a camera do justice to the wonders experienced by the human eye. In spite of it, I did give it a try – I suppose that is part of being human :).