Fast Forward?

Five years ago, just around this time, I desperately prayed to God to forward my life by five years. I am glad he doesn’t do things like that 🙂

I would have missed

  • The instinct that tells you over and over again, ” This is the one, this is the one….”, on and on in my mind
  • The heady feeling of instantly falling in love
  • The heady feeling of being madly in love that could make you do many insane things
  • The lovely courtship days that made them so special because of all the time we had ‘just’ for ourselves and no sundries being a part of it
  • Getting married 🙂
  • Driving around like mad people in the US and more or less covered the East coast and some of the West too
  • Buying our own house
  • Decorating it with all things important and trivial, yet so special in our hearts
  • The birth of our daughter and her growing up
  • Discovering my calling at work
  • Making some great friends on my way
  • Moving to Australia and all that we are going through now….
So, when God makes it really hard to bear, he throws many things to enjoy life too.
Have fun and keep smiling and enjoy the ride.

3 thoughts on “Fast Forward?

  1. Yes Manasa, So very true. Isn’t it? We must all hence “LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT” and enjoy this beautiful life that God gave us…..lots of love, geetha

  2. Precisely what I was thinking the other day.. praying god to use the fast forward.. but then I had a clause too. I wanted him to show me the future in FF and then bring me back to the present so I wouldn’t miss anything anyway :p

    1. I know exactly how you feel. But that’s what it is and we have to live through the phase – good or bad. All will turn well in the end ( of one of the story) and then another begins all over again 😉
      This makes me want to say – Life is a sine wave 😉

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