Uplifting mood therapy

I want to call this blog a therapy blog as it is more a DIY than anything else.

So, what do you do when you are down and depressed for whatever reason and sometimes when you don’t know the reason too. There could be many reasons that can bring me down, but honestly, I hate being dull and depressed. There should be some advantage of having lived on this planet for the last 3 decades does help me understand what makes me mad and some reasons behind it too. So the most common reason seems to be routine and monotonous activities and hence driven to sheer boredom!

I am in awe of people who can keep doing the same thing over and over again, knowing well that they are capable of something much higher and staying happy too. It is just maddening for me. Moreover, if things aren’t intellectually stimulating enough that becomes a bigger killer.

So, some DIYs that help me in uplifting my mood are:

  • Reading a book
  • Writing something
  • Going out for a nice walk or may be just out
  • Painting
  • Embroidery
  • And Yes, a nice nap 😀
Mind you, this list is something that is constrained as I cannot always go for a nice massage or a pedicure or some such treatment – alas staying away from home has a number of disadvantages.

Finally another day went by and I pulled myself out of my sullen state by the end of a post and a nap to seal the deal.

Do you have your own DIYs?



4 thoughts on “Uplifting mood therapy

  1. 🙂 DIYs you ask… Why yes…
    1. Ranting it off to a friend
    2. Writing it off on a blog or a piece of paper
    3. Reading awesomely funny blogs – crappypictures, cracked etc…
    4. Mujik
    5. Ichoorabilia (memorabilia types lo) of Ishoo to relive the golden gummy toothless baby days 🙂

    1. Thankus!

      It was my sullen state that led me to forget adding
      1. Muzic – while I was actually listening to some all time great songs
      2. Ranting it off to a friend 😉

      Brain pickled 😀

  2. Avoid monotonous life and everything will be set. People’s attitude cannot accept monotony as it demands freshness everyday. If we can incorporate something new in our everyday life then surely I don’t see any mood swings in our nature.

    I do everything possible based on my energy levels for that day. Smallest of the things changes my mood instantly and I look for the smallest pleasures first and then move to bigger one’s…;)

    Good Post Manasa.


    1. Very true Shanthi!

      Rightly said and those little things are what keep us going. Even reading a page from a book can make a difference.

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