Twenty Somethings…

I was reading an article and the target audience were ‘twenty somethings’. Till a few months ago, I simply accepted the author was referencing people like me. But, things have changed since the last five months as I celebrated with quite some pomp and number of lovely gifts my 30 turns around the Sun.

If you notice the what is written in the article, I do relate to a number of things written there and obviously things have not changed drastically – but they have 🙂

A reference to milestone ages make you sit up and ponder with some profound things in life.

  • What are those things that I really value?
  • How happy am I?
  • What have I achieved so far?
  • Has my career been the way I wanted it to be?
  • How happy are the those people who matter the most to me?

If I start going into each of these, it would be a lengthy blog, so this time around I limit to the question on my career. After five years of being a successful IT professional, I did some deep soul diving and I re-started practically from scratch my career in Human Resources. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and I have had quite some support from my hubs – however it does raise some questions and insecurities.

A quick birthday note to my dear friend ‘S’ with a line or two about my finding my way in my new career triggered this thought from him:

Sometimes starting from scratch is an interesting experience. That way, the job pressures/responsibilities are lot lesser too, which makes the learning part much more enjoyable.

However secure I might be about my plans, goals and in my ability to achieve them, it doesn’t matter how old you are, but a word or two from a close friend makes all the difference.

I probably seemed to have answered not just one question here, but more than that. So what are your answers to some/all of these questions? Would love to know your perspectives.



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