Things that matter

There are a number of things that matter a lot, but the pertinent question is do everything that we presume to matter really require so much of consideration.

My CAT exam was an utter disaster. I did not expect it to be that way. My view towards it and all were fine and was pretty confident. There is something amiss. Its very irritating to have this happen over and over again. I could have, probably done it better without preparing.

Well I did feel that I was prepared to face the consequences, but inspite of all that, the outcome has been most disheartening. I believed that I will make it this year.

I want to sound hopeful and optimistic, but its not making me feel better and however hard I choose to ignore it and react in a positive manner, am quite unable to do it.

There are times when everything seems so desolate. I know this is not the end of my world. I know this was not my final aim either. It was one of the many means to get where I want to. In spite of all these things being registered in my head…I presume my heart requires a while longer to be normal.

It has had to take a number of setbacks this year. There have been many memorable moments also…but all in all I have been through numerous situations, which were very novel to me.

This year has been the epitome of Change.