Trust – Series 1

Trust is an interesting concept. You tend to apply it in every sphere – relationships, business, career and so on. There are times when we do not even think about its relevance and apply it unknowingly.

Let us look at relationships. If I do not trust the concept of love, then the chances of falling in love, in spite of all the pitfalls that love offers, would be as good as zilch. And what would really be life without the love of that special person? I realize from personal experience that it means a tremendous lot. You only realize its value when you get to experience it – even if it is for a short time. Irony strikes and most skeptics are in a fix. They want to know, if by falling in love we tend to hurt ourselves, time and again, then why should we try at all? Is it really worth to find that special person and fall in love?Agreed it seems like a catch 22 situation, but then that’s exactly where the concept of trust kicks in. Until and unless, you do not allow yourself to be completely involved in a relationship, you could never do justice to the relationship, to the person and most importantly to yourself. It would be a simple waste of time and a total disrespect offered to the other person. In order to find out if there is a future to your relationship and to know if this time around this person is really ‘the’ one, then you have to simply get into the relationship and be completely committed. There are no other percentages involved except 100%. Yes, the pitfalls are a plenty and your precious heart gets hurt and we all know that broken heart is the toughest to mend. But if you have the trust to find that true love then you shall emerge as a better person, every time anything untoward happens and yes, eventually find the one.

Trusting the fact that you will find the right person, always works! I have numerous people whom I can cite as examples and you have yours truly to corroborate the same. Happen to read a post and felt that there are many out there who doubt the basis of forming the beautiful relationship and I feel they do not trust enough in themselves or have lost hope after a period, but then some are lucky the first time, some aren’t for the nth, yet I feel it is never the time to stop trusting in finding your special someone.


Have you ever loved a woman?

I am a romantic person at heart, an optimist but sometimes a cynic too. It was always my doubt if men related to what Bryan Adams sang in this song – “Have you ever loved a woman?”.

Two years and eight months since I have known him and there never was a moment when I doubted it again. There are some relations that sometimes end up taking a completely new definition in life that one can never imagine and this is definitely it.

I was listening to this song yesterday in the car and it just got me thinking…. and yes, I can surely say, he loves me 🙂