C – Ndulgence

This post is dedicated to the Aztec and Maya civilizations. They discovered it and started using it, thousands of years ago. How can I ever be able to thank them more? Do you think you could keep yourself from thanking them? May be, if you knew the reason, you may not. In fact, so far I am yet to know a person who doesn’t like chocolate. Yes, this post is for one of my most lovable, sinful indulgence – Chocolates. 

One of the advantages of being a marine engineer’s daughter is, all throughout our childhood after every voyage, out freezer was stacked with chocolates of different brands and varieties. The stock used to generally last for a period of month or more (due to severe rationing methods imposed by mom). The worst part was sharing this lovable treasure with anyone and worst of all with my sis ;). Yes, some could say, that explains why you were or are the way you are now, but then I believe in the policy of Living to eat, so some of those people could just chill, relax and decide to go and stuff themselves with some chocs. 🙂


Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

My personal favorites are the ones with nuts, especially hazelnuts. A mouthful of a lovely chocolate, lets say a Ferrero Rocher. The sweets consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin  wafer shell filled with nutella/hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Isn’t that description enough to send one floating to heaven? Toblerone is yet another brand with its distinctive triangular chunks of milk, white and dark chocolates that are amongst the most popular Swiss chocolates. All the three varieties have the nougats, almonds and honey as their main ingredients. So, if you are looking for plain milk chocolate then you may not enjoy this too much.

That brings me to the milk chocolate variety. Cadbury’s milk chocolate is the most widely available desi chocolate that yours truly has had for time immemorial :). I know its tad-bit exaggeration, but then doesn’t a single bite lead you to the stairway to heaven? Talking about milk-chocolates, Lindt and Hershey’s are amongst the yummiest milk chocolates I have had. 

Though, I would rate Lindt to be of a superior quality. The Lindt family is very large and has a lot of varieties with hazelnuts, rice flakes, dark choclates, dark chocolate with mint and many more. Life is definitely not complete without having at least one of those. Try the assortments.

Since I mentioned fine chocolates, I ought to mention, Godiva and Ghirardelli; fine chocolates with exquisite taste that simply melt in your

Godiva Dark Chocolate

 mouth and yes, could seem a tad bit heavy on your purse too. The assortments found in Godiva are beyond words for any description.  When I recently watched the movie Chocolat, the vision of standing outside the Godiva store was all I could think of.  Chocolates made out of some of the most unimaginable ingredients. I have seen one being made with onion and making that taste yummy. Well, chocolate can do that to anyone. My visit to the Ghirardelli Square at the Fishrman’s Wharf in San Francisco was extremely fulfilling (to my tummy obiviously). 

The liquor fillings are another genre altogether and are worth a try. The best in this category I have had are a Russian brand (the name I forget), were rum-filled nuggets. 🙂 

I could go on about Chocs and my indulgence, but let me stop and allow you to enjoy them. It is believed that the brain produces similar juices when you are in love or having a chocolate, I am not surprised why brain does that. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite chocolate, because I believe that every person has at least one flavour he/she adores, so don’t stop till you find your special love. 



Earliest recollections of fragrances that linger are those of musk that my father used. One whiff and I knew he was around and that filled my heart with joy, most sublime and pure. These were the treats of childhood that one whiff even now take me back to those days. Dad’s perfumes are some of the best fragrances and can vouch for them any day. A rugged Brut or Denim or sophisticated Paco Rabanne and the Davidoff coolwater or anything that he uses brings an instant smile. Personally I have always liked the men’s perfume more than those for ladies. Somehow the florals put me off and find them too pungent for my taste.

There do exist a set of women’s perfume that I like and use them based on my mood or occasion. The very first ladies perfume that I liked was White Jovan Musk. I was suddenly thrilled to find something that was faint and yet had a sublime character that made it suddenly stand out. It was an instant hit with me and I took it to as fish takes to water.

The next I chanced upon was Hugo Boss. The men’s version is definitely good but the one for ladies ain’t bad either. Definitely top of the class and makes its mark instantly. Hugo is a tad much stronger than White Jovan Musk is but all the more sexier than the latter. There is a hint of mischief in it that appeals to my senses immensely. It is not fruity or floral. In a plane of its own, Hugo Boss for me is for special occasions and special people.

Davidoff Coolwater is also one of my favorites. As always the men’s version appeases me more than that for women. Thankfully the latter isn’t any let down either. I see it’s been pretty widely advertised these days. The beauty of Davidoff is the sophistication involved along with freshness. Hugo Boss is more sensual in an adventurous manner. And any day, Jovan Musk is far rarer than these but great for daily usage.

Coming to my latest finds, its Givenchy’s Organza. The first time I was asked to check it out, Hugo Boss had cast its effect. The second try was definitely worth it. The strongest aroma of all that I have ever liked, have realized that this one is an instant hit with many men. Partly floral and a tad fruity, Organza seems to represent a woman. I particularly like the bottle too and probably it is this image that also makes it particularly feminine.

Perfumes are very personal and they definitely represent a personality. Choosing the one that suits one the most is not easy, but once found it will always help one make a mark. Indulge in redolence!

Addiction or Indulgence?

My intro happened when I was in class six. The freezing temperatures were the compelling factors for this meet. I was not averse to the idea but then the enthusiasm was also not too high to try out something new. Mom insisted may be you could have biscuits and start to know more. The prospect didn’t seem bad and decided to taste for the very first time what tea was like.

From dipping biscuits to an all time anytime tea – a –holic, I am a self confessed tea freak who lives by the notion that there can never be anything better to drink than this. I mean in any circumstance a cup of tea is always gladly welcome. Lately, I was deprived of this at office cos of certain logistic constraints, in short I didn’t have a cup to drink from the dispenser. Ginger tea or a nice well made home tea tops the charts but then once you are soo addicted it seems imperative to have it in any which way. I don’t compromise much upon it though, coz I went all the searching for the best tea stall even during my Sing stay. My poor friends had to withstand my madness of having it from one particular place only irrespective of whatever the situation.

If there were some Things that I can never live without, I think tea tops it all. I can go all preachy about how it is good for general health and blah blah, but let me stop right here. Dedicating a post to it must have given you enough of an idea what a freak I am.
Well, if you also have such an addiction or rather indulgence do let me know. It’s always nice to know .

Cheers and happy Tindulgence!

PS: This post is also dedicated to one of my amazing tea companion with whom I have shared many a lovely conversations. 🙂

Cellular Attachments

It is said that one should lead a life sans attachments or more so with detachable attachments in order to succeed and get what is wanted. I am not sure if I would be able to implement something like this completely but in a way would admit that am a callous person. A number of things that seem to really bother others don’t bother me. But then, there are these very small issues or objects that are very close to me. Primarily I would say because of the memories associated with them. Memories of something very nice and novel that changed my life in its own way that I can never forget. Associated with some of those people whom I have and will always love and respect, whether they stay in my life or move away from it.

After two years and nine months I have fallen madly in love. Something most unexpected and something that just simple carried me off my feet. I was more or less convinced that this change would never happen, but then life is what one can fashionably sum up as unexpected and weird. Bottomline for all this is, I finally changed my phone. I realize the above lines are highly overrated but then my attachment and sentiments with my first phone ( Nokia 8250) have been so strong that I simply found no reason to change it. Until yes, I found something that equally appeals to my personality. After undying loyalty and love for Nokia phones, not just me but my entire family vouching the same, I have hopelessly fallen for Samsung E900. Just less than a day old and I am in love with it already. There have been innumerable little memories with my old phone and with the new one I think its just the beginning of another long and lovely affair.

I realize this piece is how absolutely mundane and materialistic, but then in this fast paced era the phone seems absolutely inseparable. The best way to catch up with the people I love or miss is to give a call and hear them talk. Sometimes it just does not matter what they are talking but then it’s a pleasure to just know that they at least have the time to talk to you. Tell you about their days’ events and make you feel that being miles away you are still a part of their lives in some cellular way.


My day begins with a promise to myself that I’ll sleep again early during the day. Sadly that is fulfilled late in the night. It’s always the case when I think I am going to sleep early tonite and end up really late. The weekends are usually dedicated towards absolute sloth. The one and only thing that lingers on my mind is that this weekend I am going to sleeeeeeppp. Ah! A wish that rarely comes true, coz as one should have it one can hardly sleep when one has all the time to do anything that one wishes. Sleep then, seems absolutely trivial. Can you believe that?? A paradox that I am trying to resolve since the time I took up this godforsaken job.

Anyways, let us return to the most pertinent point of my life… Sleep. My dad, like many, believes that 4-5 hours of deep sleep is sufficient for a person. I know, it sounds blasphemous to many (that includes me too). But, the fact remains its person dependant. Some need just about 4-5 hours and some even 9 hours. Unfortunately, for my poor dad who is a major workaholic and the types who can run for over two days without proper sleep, his daughters love spending time sleeping. Having been part of the supposed hi-tech world for some years now, I have also developed the notion that I can actually make up for the sleep lost over the weekdays during the weekends. Scientifically proven fact remains that this is not true and one cannot cache the sleep this way. But I suppose this is more psychological.

The whole of last week I have felt that I have been deprived of the most important thing in life and also have been working too hard. Secondly, this week I have spent majority of my time just sleeping. Strangely, no amount seems enough. The whole of Friday is spent on a single hope that one can rest rather crash over the weekend. But, somehow this Friday evening my sleep seems to have vanished the moment I stepped out of office. What do you think this is? Am I actually soporific or non-workaholic? Please don’t bother to answer because whatever the answer I cannot accept either of the options. Dukh hota hai yaar… sach ko aise jhel pana 😉

All said and done.. this blog is for one of my fondest (sleepy) indulgence.