Online Photo Printing

I got an offer for printing an online photo flipbook from This was the start and what I discovered was major fun. With a six month old daughter what better would I want to do than click her photos and print them and store them in style for posterity. This is exactly what Zoomin helps me to do.

Once you start with the making your photo flipbook, it is a simple and very appealing for my creative senses. One can import already uploaded photo albums from other online services like Picasa and Flickr and then choose the pics for the flipbook. Zoomin places the chosen pics in order, but you can customise and change as you want to. The available background patterns come out very well when printed. And coming to cost of your precious memories, it is just about Rs.350/- including postage and taxes. One can also use their i-mint points to pay for it. Their service is prompt and the flipbook comes home in courier within a week’s time.

The single photos seemed a tad pricey after postage and taxes on them, but the flipbooks are totally worth it. Compared to Snapfish and Kodak Gallery, the prices here at Zoomin are cheaper. The overall service and product are very good.

For anyone who would want their pics printed and preserved with a personal touch of your creativity, go ahead and try