2012 – The year that was

When I look at today’s date, 31 December 2012, I wonder how quickly has this year swung by. It has been a busy one indeed and a mixed bag with some great and not so great moments.

As always, the events of this year can be divided into two categories – personal and things happening around us.

Personal front –

‘D’ loved her first year at school and more importantly is potty trained and has learnt some of the Ps and Qs that are so required to in this world- yes my achievements in this area are not about what she can recite and remember, but how well can she deal with her world.

Hubs has had a mixed bag on the career front, with a peaceful ending towards the year end.

I have worked on some interesting projects and hope to find better ones suiting my calibre in the next year.

This year has also been good in terms of exploring Australia – Cairns, Melbourne, New Zealand and finally ending with a trip with Gold Coast and Sydney surrounds. It sure is a beautiful country, but on the same front expensive beyond the actual value for some bizarre reason. Living away from home makes one tolerant and it surely seems to have done that to me.

Staying away from home makes one miss it and with the recent horrific incident it brings to question if I would want my daughter to grow up in India. Running away will not answer and I would want her to grow up to defend herself. Also, maintaining the optimism that some of the archaic rules that have been conveniently forgotten by the politicians be amended to provide a secure living for each Indian.

On this note I sign-off this year’s blog posts and wish all a happy and prosperous new year 2013.

There is light at the end of the tunnel - so is hope for a change for a better world.
There is light at the end of the tunnel – so is hope for a change for a better world.

“D” turns 3 today!

Some emotions are particularly hard to capture and express – being a parent is one of that. I can safely say, it has been the single most life changing experience that has changed my perspective on a number of things – for good.

It is not a joy ride nor is it a dull one – with my fiery little spirit it is a ride full of highs and lows and very few mid-level moments. I guess that is a typically Sagi trait. 🙂

So, our dear darling turns 3 today and has left her little baby behavior back. It is wonderful to see her grow – sometimes fast and sometimes, I wish it were slow.


Peppa & George wish a very Happy Birthday!
Peppa & George wish a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear darling!

May you have a life filled with fun and happiness at all times,

And the tenacity to get whatever you dream for 😀


Amma & Nana.


PS: More on Amma series and yes she got what she wanted – Peppa Pig for this birthday 😉