Something, Nothing and Everything

I took D to her friend’s birthday party. She was super excited and has been so for the past two days. As a parent, I know what it is to give everything possible for your child. To ensure that she never has a moment when she feels disappointed or disheartened about not having something. This is merely being a parent. Again, I want her to learn on her own, make her own mistakes and handle disappointments. Nothing else in life teaches you better than experiencing whatever comes your way.

That was about me being a parent, and this is about how I believe I have failed. Rather heartening to see the J&K flood victims, the children who go hungry to bed and get up hungry in several countries dealing with constant strife. Except for donating money to some NGO and hoping that it would reach the victims, I can’t do much.

What makes me sad is that we need not go to these disaster prone areas. I simply need to go to the end of the main road near my house to see how people like us have failed the millions. There are children out there who will never go to a school or know where their next meal will come from. Children made to beg on roads and work as bonded labour. Every time I step out of my house, I end up spending Rs.1000 or more. How often do we stop and think of it? What if once in a while we can donate this to a child in need of help or a family that possibly survives for a whole month on this amount.

I see growing apathy and callousness among people around. It shows in the way people drive on the roads, it shows in the way people behave in the malls, it shows in every interaction that people have with a stranger and sometimes their own family. Its simply disheartening!