ma ma ma ma….

The first words out of my daughter made me feel simply ecstatic!

There have been a number of milestones so far, but on September 15th, 2010 around 4ish in the evening she started out with “mamamamama” and I went totally berserk. 🙂

I know all this talk about one’s baby is boring to others who either haven’t experienced it or have ‘been there and done that’, but then, it is my little one who started her platter in this world and I can’t say how happy this made me. One has to experience it to feel the happiness and enjoy the baby talk.

From that day on, she has been talking continuously, adding many more words such as – tatatatata…nananana…and gooooo gooooo.

Don’t I sound totally mad? 😀

Well, ask any new parent and they will feel the same when their little one talks for the first time.