“D” turns 3 today!

Some emotions are particularly hard to capture and express – being a parent is one of that. I can safely say, it has been the single most life changing experience that has changed my perspective on a number of things – for good.

It is not a joy ride nor is it a dull one – with my fiery little spirit it is a ride full of highs and lows and very few mid-level moments. I guess that is a typically Sagi trait. 🙂

So, our dear darling turns 3 today and has left her little baby behavior back. It is wonderful to see her grow – sometimes fast and sometimes, I wish it were slow.


Peppa & George wish a very Happy Birthday!
Peppa & George wish a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear darling!

May you have a life filled with fun and happiness at all times,

And the tenacity to get whatever you dream for 😀


Amma & Nana.


PS: More on Amma series and yes she got what she wanted – Peppa Pig for this birthday 😉





Growing up!

Two years ago around this time I was wondering when this little thing inside me would be out. I was not in the most comfy circumstances and three days later my life changed completely.

It is just never the same once you become a parent. Life is suddenly all about this little creature – cute, cranky, playing, pooping and so on. It took me a considerable time to get used to what hit me 🙂 Yes, what hit me. People usually tell you how nice it is to have a baby, but no one really prepares you for those not so very nice times. I am not complaining, but just saying that it sure is nice to know and be prepared.

But then fast forwarding to the present…..

I can proudly say, I haven’t just been there and done that – I have braved that and done that as well as I could. It is a mixed bag and I did enjoy and pull my hair in sheer madness/boredom and desperation. I also made it pretty tough for all the folks around me and my husband gets special accolades for all the supports. Frankly, I couldn’t have done it without him.

Leaving a full time job and spending my time in taking care of a creature who wouldn’t know reason and has her own time table and rules. There is not a moment’s respite and absolutely no delays allowed in the schedule. An extremely demanding job that makes full time job a breeze. It has not been easy at all in any which way.

The huggies and kissies and the continuous prattle (sometime making sense and sometimes absolutely incoherent) dressing her up and many, many more innumerable episodes have made all these things worth my time. Achieving those milestones from the first time she could start holding her neck, rolling over, crawling, standing up, walking, first word, climbing up, eating and more recently prattling – have been sheer joy that words can never explain! We have many more milestones and battles to win and we will be there in time.

Why am I saying all this? Because, I see my little one turning two in three days. I wonder at how time has blown past and what a joy and trouble she has been through the last two years. 🙂

How quickly has she grown up to be a such a feisty toddler! 🙂

Time management

Any small activity that reminds me of myself is a change.

Cooking something good, just managing to complete reading an article, making a phone call without interruptions and most importantly sleeping in short yet good spells are challenges that come with motherhood. I am forced to be disciplined, organised and most importantly implement prioritisation.

Irrespective of it being a weekend, I have to be up by a maximum of 7 and this ensures I finish my chores before its too long drawn in the day. Whatever I take up, has to be completed in a short time span, else her highness is not happy :). This makes me a much more efficient person. I am able to work effectively and complete everything with utmost concentration. Contrary to what one might think, my cooking skills have actually improved due to this.

I now take care of a house, cook, take care of a busy toddler and also work. Phew!

These were something I never thought I was capable of doing and all of them at the same time. I have to say that my hubs is of supreme help and there are many days when these things wouldn’t be done without him. I do have my family pitching in too and that gives me a much needed break.

I have always taken care of myself and there has always been time for relaxation and lethargy. However, taking care of another very important person in my life ( my daughter) has taught me a number of valuable lessons and made me a much better person. I now realise the value of every moment that I get for myself and put it to best use. 🙂

ma ma ma ma….

The first words out of my daughter made me feel simply ecstatic!

There have been a number of milestones so far, but on September 15th, 2010 around 4ish in the evening she started out with “mamamamama” and I went totally berserk. 🙂

I know all this talk about one’s baby is boring to others who either haven’t experienced it or have ‘been there and done that’, but then, it is my little one who started her platter in this world and I can’t say how happy this made me. One has to experience it to feel the happiness and enjoy the baby talk.

From that day on, she has been talking continuously, adding many more words such as – tatatatata…nananana…and gooooo gooooo.

Don’t I sound totally mad? 😀

Well, ask any new parent and they will feel the same when their little one talks for the first time.