I have been traveling considerably in the last two months and contrary to my expectations my posts on this blog have dwindled. I assumed that my writing would but flourish and I would get much food for thought, but I have either been giving myself up to many pangs of stupor or filled with considerable excitement to be able to write much of coherence. Both these have been at the opposite ends of the spectrum and hence I assume have been the cause of my neglect and upon perusal the sad status of some of my posts. Most inconsequential is how I would want to say they were.

San Francisco

You could ask as to what inspired me all of a sudden to come back to write this post. The answer is simple- passion; Passion and excitement that I want to capture of my visit to San Francisco. I can vouch for myself that it has never ever happened to me that I singularly and completely have fallen in love with a place, without a single qualm, at first sight. I enjoyed my stay there completely and loved exploring the place on my own.

Initially, I couldn’t quite fathom as to why I seem to like this place so much and then when I was drawn to it the second day, it struck me as so obvious. San Francisco is endowed with Mother Nature’s best and also has the lively and gay fervour of any big city. The beautiful bay, the calm waters of the Pacific, the lovely roads that go up and down like a roller-coaster and a stone’s throw away to the wonderful beauty of the Giant Redwoods or the long winding roads through the hills running right along the sea shore make it perfectly awesome. With temperate climes than most places around, what else can one ask for more. The city is a melting pot of various cultures and numerous people of various origins. Tourism forms a major source of income with an average of $6 billion annually coming from this industry and providing employment to around 60 thousand people.

The city also has some modern marvels to boast about. The famous Golden Gate Bridge and the lovely cable cars that go comfortably up and down the treacherous slopes of this place, make it unique. I did wonder as to how a bridge caused so much of excitement, but realized that the setting and the mere size of the civil engineering feat make one come in complete awe of this place. Cable car is yet another vehicle very unique to the roads of Frisco. I happened to take my ride on it pretty accidentally and enjoyed every minute of it.

Cable Car

Mumbai and New York made me eclectic with life but seemed tiresome to live and did bring in a hint of apprehension and some kind of lurking fear with them. Contrary to these big cities I have visited, with its numerous gardens and places to rejuvenate from the tiresome bustle of a big town, San Francisco was one place that I was not afraid of.

I loved San Francisco and never have I been more in love with a place ever in my life prior to this. Definitely recommend that one should visit this place among many others in the world and experience it.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The obvious

Time and again I have had this problem that the most obvious of things are repeated and when I say that I mean that people tend to write about the same old topics in a different way. Words twisted, changed sentences or a change in presentation. It could simply be anything and I end up telling to myself that isn’t that so obvious, why do you even have to write about it??!!??

Some of the famous and widely used topics are about women, the relationship between man and woman and so on and so forth. Marriage hence is the essential offspring and tends to find place in loads of topics. Trust me, it is an essential part of life whether you agree to the concept of it or not and as the entire society has been organized around this for many, many years now, it is but obvious that many a times there are references to this. The references to women and the chemistry between the sexes are so often repeated that I hardly see a single advertisement on TV that doesn’t have a woman in it, even if there is no need for a woman to be there in that.

It has happened to me a number of times that I thought an answer to some question to be pretty obvious and an absolute no-brainer when someone says just that and earns the required brownie points. I have remained baffled for long as to what is it that makes these people say just the obvious and think that they have solved the next breakthrough in science.

Over the years I have learned to speak out some of the most obvious and earn some credit for it. It is not that I have to prove myself, but it is more to prove once again that in this world, the most obvious is not obvious to many.