Lots n potty!

2012 was momentous as D finally understood the concept of potty training. The best part of it was that for all the slight tension or apprehension I suffered, when the summer came to this part of the hemisphere, she was ready to let go of her nappies with considerable ease. It was simply the timing and the help lent by her childcare teacher – Mr.Hank and the rest of the staff.

What followed it were some hilarious moments with discussions and observations made by D on her potty. Every time she did her potty, it was followed by a new observation accompanied by a beaming smile –

1. “Amma, lots n lots potty!”

2. “Nanna, its making  splashes!”

3. “Its round and round”

so on so forth which can easily gross out many and for the folks with a little more levity on potty jokes bring out an instant smile 🙂



Atop the tower for V day

For whatever bizarre or may be not-so-bizarre reason Valentine’s Day was started and keeping up with the spirit of it I follow the herd. Well, why not – it is just another day when I tell the people I love what they mean to me. Another day out of the busy schedules when there is some opportunity to do something for the person you love (time/schedule permitting). Yeah, I may not really sound very romantic, but trust me, my “I love you”s have positively become so mundane with hubs that I thought things should be expressed a little differently.

So, here you go Ayals,

Happy Valentine's Day hubs!
Happy Valentine’s Day hubs!