Parthipura – Part 1

I have been getting numerous mails asking me as to how am I doing “Down Under”. “What have you seen so far?”, “Post all the pictures.” Hmmm.. I wouldn’t want to start the blog on a sad note, but then the most FREAKING thing about this place, or so I have heard about most places in OZ is, shops close down by 5 or max 6 in the evening. Praise the lord there are some shops that are kept open till 7 or 8 in the evening. Apparently, Thursdays and Fridays are the designated shopping days for the folks here. Logon, aasha ki kiran ab bhi kahin jeevit hai!!!

I am dying to talk to someone and talk more than just a “how you doing?”- I am supposedly doing good. I have all the time in the world to do absolutely anything. Unfortunately everything closes by 6 and it is dark by 5:30. A woman going around alone is not safe. So, will the kind souls tell me what other options do I have? Well, apart from updating my blog (every other day), I think I can hear folks back home yelling and sayinh, cook, cook. Yes, I agree. Even without them yelling. The last few days have been spent eating “ghaas-phoos”, in ordinary English, I am living on salads, burgers, wraps and weird stuff that folks here call food. Mercifully, I will be going to an Indian store this weekend. Why mercifully? Well, I did try getting something for today to cook, and came to know that chilli powder is out of stock. Not my fault, and left to eat one of the funniest dinners ever possible. Soup, apple, orange juice and left the Greek salad. He just put all possible crotons that one sees in the pots back home, into it. I couldn’t eat it. Just chucked it into the bin without least of remorse.

But the thing to still look forward is the lovely weather, pretty scenic views and some interesting shopping left to be done. I hope these things will not be disappointing. I’ll have to go about with a pinch of salt, am all alone, so wherever I go it will be “Main aur meri tanhayee, aksar yeh batein karte hai….” Oops, forgot my Ipod Nano and the rebel, chalo kuch to hai.


PS: The title is inspired by my dear friend, recent Ex-Infoscion.
PS 2: It is that undying habit to comment and express my critical views upon everything, something and nothing that is driving me to end up writing such posts. Earlier it was just few people who were subjected to this torture, now thru this blog I have the humanity. (The sadist in me – Chuckles!! )



Oz, here I am!

There are some cherished dreams, some secret desires, some things one has always wanted to do and some places that one always wanted to visit. Australia is among the top few countries I always wanted to visit. Out here on a short official trip, I have a pretty decent opportunity to visit some parts of Western Australia to be precise, Perth

and its surroundings. Quite an unexpected place to go when visiting this country, but that’s how I have always been and I am enjoying every minute of it.

After all the hustle-bustle and loads of attention from you-know-who, it suddenly feels very lonely. Tough is the word. But am sure we can get through. Probably worth the effort now, really??!!??

“Oceans apart day after day…..and I can’t seem to find my way…”

I covered my 14 hour journey in two steps with a couple of hours stop-over at Singapore. Trust me, I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours all through. Yes, for the soporiphic creature I am, it is actually very tough to sleep in an air-plane. Let me clear your doubts, I flew by the Singapore airlines and it is among the most comfortable airline to fly by. I just seem to have too many attractions every time I fly. The take-off, the view, the movies (managed to catch on two movies that I missed watching – Guru and Music & Lyrics), oh! well, the food is something not to be missed either. For all the things I end up trying and sometimes miserably failing, I enjoyed my meals on-board too. Wouldn’t want to alarm anyone, but all said and done the air-hostess on Singapore Airlines are mostly very pretty and I really envy the way they do their hair. I can never dream of having mine in any sane style ever. Coming to my pet window seat, it is always an attraction and here are some pics taken at 10000 odd meters above the sea-level covering the Aussie coastline.

Managed to settle down pretty cozily out here, will update with happenings in Perth in a short time from now.

Master Card

“There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there is Master Card.” The punch line is too good to be forgotten or to be ignored. Often I have pondered over what all are these “some things”.

A soft touch, a spontaneous hug, a smile can be said as some small things that money can never buy. They become all the more worth when coming from a person you love. Some nights before, having come across a similar situation, I was asked if the same satisfaction and happiness can be given to me if I were given a BMW. Surely not! There are certain achievements in life that come from pure love, sheer passion and total disregard to what others think. The people who manage to live by them are the true winners.

The outcome of these achievements could be success in relationships and/or profession. We hear people emphasizing the importance of the personal life and relationships and lecturing about the need to slow down professionally. How many have actually thought that if a person is a go-getter professionally, has an ambition to succeed beyond all odds, then what’s he/she made up of? For the better part of the times this is a consideration given to men and off late to some women. Man being the traditional bread winner, the ambition and stubbornness was and is still acceptable. In the changing times we have some women joining this club. It is a welcome change and what is even nicer is the fact, many of these ambitious or super-ambitious men actually want such women in their life too.

I had started this post with a plan to write about the “some things” and “everything else” that money cannot/can buy. A lot has been said about the finer aspects and emotional support. But having them is just not enough. Rather I would say, because you have them, you now should be in a position to get more from life. Otherwise, where is the difference between you and the ordinary bloke on the road? In the mire of comparisons, unsatisfied jobs, and daily routines – we somehow tend to loose the focus on the bigger picture.

Living in the present and looking ahead, just a tad little bit toward the bigger picture can help ease one out of lot of frustrating things. A preachy blog! Well, yes. Thought it was pertinent to the busy, horrid schedules that we lead. And having learnt to tackle it, I do have some right to preach. What say? 🙂

Flowing like ….. Water

This weekend was spent doing some of the most mundane things. Lazed around, read a magazine, touched on Wodehouse, cleaned up lot of neglected closets, bathed at leisure without even bothering about time. Watched a movie and thought I might just crash. Pretty ordinary, peaceful day till then and yet memorable, in terms of the time I got for myself, quite a change from the ordinary. Must say, the rat race is pretty abhor able.

With world cup finals having started, my sis came up with the proposition of watching ‘Water’ – Deepa Mehta film. I must say, I was a little weary at that time in the night to watch it. But then, had been postponing this particular movie for a while now and the idea to watch a good movie won over my sleep deprivation.

I really don’t wish to do any kind of movie review here, but then it was simply excellent! Strong in its story line, subtle in portrayal of situations with a nice under current to be felt by the viewer accompanied by some very good cast and direction to back up. Water, was straight and hard-hitting. A seven year old little girl is married and then widowed and left in the widow aashram as that is the custom of the times. She is waiting for her mother to come and take her back home. How heart wrenching can that be? The supposed explanation she is given is “When the husband dies, half of the woman dies and hence an aashram is the best place for her”. The girl replies, “But, she is half alive.” Subtle dialogues like these that give this movie a nice touch and set one thinking.

The meanings of the rituals and practices written in the scriptures have been understood as per the convenience of the times and more so as per the convenience of the wealthy people of the times. This is pertinent even now. Just that, this has shifted to politics and politicians make use of religion and manipulate people to fill their pockets. At the end of the day, it’s all about money, honey.

Being the optimist, I hope to see an improvement in the world and more so in the treatment of children around. We, the blogging or say the Inet accessible community, all said and done, is definitely more privileged when compared to millions of others. Isn’t it time, we did something about people around us? The question is part rhetoric too, because going with the milieu it is very easy to follow the crowd.

I think it is time I did something.

To catch an in-depth review of Water, check out Rashmi Bansal’s blog.