My ‘Hitchki’ Moment

The Hyderabad metro rail opened early 2018 after years of waiting. A lifeline of sorts and hopefully with the network increasing we will see hope at the end of each new line – relief from traffic.

A stark contrast are the slums alongside the metro rail in Miyapur terminal station. The 15 children preparing to join a school and aiming to become a pilot, police officer, army man, doctor are working with their teachers in a make-shift room. This Sunday, I went around to drop-off a mat that I thought may be useful for this school. I had honestly no idea of how was the situation. The children in this school are taught English, Telugu and Math. They also had presentation session where each of them had to speak on a topic. I must say, they did very well and I was most impressed. This was followed by a card making session.

Yuvaneshwari, a.k.a Yuva, a sprightly young scientist took me through the Miyapur slums to this make-shift class room. She and her bunch of fellow volunteers spend few hours of their weekend to invest and help these curious young minds. The aim of this prep-school, is to help these 15 kids be ready to join a school. All the children here are school dropouts. Last year, Yuva and her team put them in Government school, soon to realise that all of them had dropped out. Reasons were lack of encouragement, parents asking them to work / beg at the signals and feed the families. This year, Yuva has another plan. She wants to help these kids get school ready and hopefully put them in NGOs/homes where the kids can stay and go to private schools.

This school #CKE – Chottu ki Education doesn’t need money (at least not right away). What these children need is committed volunteers who can spend some time and encourage them even after they join schools, and helping the parents or guardians see some sense. A lot like the movie-Hitchki – the societal pressures are the biggest barriers for these kids.

If you are interested in volunteering and spending some time with these kids, please get in touch with Yuva. Any student / parent / counselors are welcome to pitch in. There are many more kids who can benefit from your help.


Technology and Tradition

Last week, I was paying my milk bill when my milkman offered a flyer. It had details of an app called Mera Milk. I was pleasantly surprised and he told me that I could change my order or cancel my order for the next day using this app. Simply fabulous from my (customer)  point of view. Found out what made him adopt this and the reason was convenience,  helps deal with finicky customers and it’s efficient when it comes to managing at scale.

For those of you not conversant with the idea of milk being delivered home every morning, this is common in India. Something Amazon Fresh is attempting in a lot of cities in US.  So with this new app, the milk order can be recorded on an app. In India there are many more such services that are being brought onto a Platform and in the process making life easy for small business owners. Amazon India marketplace model is a testimony to it.

Staying with technology and it’s applications, I think making good use of technology relieves time and energy on mundane stuff.  It helps one concentrate on incremental innovations that make a huge impact in the long term. Recently came across two such innovations –
1) Tapping the kinetic energy from the ocean waves to generate electricity. Currently piloted off the coast near Denmark. What a clean way to generate electricity!  They say this process can provide electricity 5 times the world’s energy consumption.
2) The second innovation was a stationary cycling machine.  Cycle for an hour and you have electricity for a whole day
A simple physics law put to use brilliantly –  energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes from one form to the other.
I believe going back to our roots and knowing why our ancestors did something in a particular way would help us gain a lot.  Simply disposing them all  as superstition may not be the most productive approach. After all life was much better in our childhood while we adopted many of these traditional and bio-degradable practices 🙂

Another sustainable design that I saw was Edible cutlery. Spoons made of millets and spices, which is great to eat and easily degrades if not eaten. Loved the idea and for it to take off, we need at least one or two adopters with large cutlery usage to popularize.

We need a larger section of people adopting tech and traditional practices for a sustainable future for our children. While they may be several skeptics and ignorant, this surely is doable. The activist in me has very recently made some head way into implementing rain water harvesting in our community. This after a lot of persistence for over two years.

Do share your thoughts on more such ideas that you have come across and the world needs to implement.


Things change with time and its been 7 years since I migrated my blog to WordPress. I took to blogging in 2004 when I definitely had more of me time. Writing for myself continues to be amongst the top three things to de-stress for me. However, de-stress as a concept eludes me 🙂

Is my writing withering? May be not, its the opportunity to express in words that takes time and that time is a premium these days. Do I regret it, not sure, as life has a lot to offer. However, there are days like today, when I wish I could write more…

Flying over dusk

While sunrise and sunsets are ethereal from land, they move into a completely new paradigm when viewed from the sky. For a moment, it feels I am that much closer to the universe. I have always loved viewing the sun rising or setting into the night. There is a sense of peace and calm that seems to pervade when I get the chance to enjoy this phenomena in complete silence. I suppose, it is because of the certainty with which one witnesses the magic of clockwork like universe – the surety it gives us of a new day and new beginning.

One of the most beautiful sights is a flight over dusk. A few weeks ago, I took an evening flight into Benguluru. The beautiful shades of pink weaved into golden and azure skies were a sight to behold. For a moment, it felt that one is gliding over cotton cloud. It is a sight to behold! And as dusk sets in, one is engulfed into dark clouds and night engulfs.

I bow to the eye. Never can a camera do justice to the wonders experienced by the human eye. In spite of it, I did give it a try – I suppose that is part of being human :).

The Thirties

I have never given much of thought to age going by.Every turn around the sun has been packed with enough excitement to keep me happy, sad, angry, etc – in short engaged.

But, the thirties by comparison have been different. They have been different for me because:

  • What I want in life is far more clear than the previous decade
  • I know what make-up works and what doesn’t
  • Men – hard to say if I figured them all out – however, they sure have become predictable
  • I know the ‘type’ I usually fall for now
  • Marriage and being married – demystified
  • My daughter was a discovery – made me see things in ways I never imagined
  • Being a mother, wife, DIL, daughter,working professional – has not been a cake walk
  • I have looked better in this decade than I ever was – so I want to think 😉
  • The want to get away and be ‘Far from the madding crowd’ is a recurring bi-annual urge
  • DDLJ feels juvenile, but the idea of love is only strengthened
  • I have a greater sense of control – or so I think

All in all, I look forward to more.

Something, Nothing and Everything

I took D to her friend’s birthday party. She was super excited and has been so for the past two days. As a parent, I know what it is to give everything possible for your child. To ensure that she never has a moment when she feels disappointed or disheartened about not having something. This is merely being a parent. Again, I want her to learn on her own, make her own mistakes and handle disappointments. Nothing else in life teaches you better than experiencing whatever comes your way.

That was about me being a parent, and this is about how I believe I have failed. Rather heartening to see the J&K flood victims, the children who go hungry to bed and get up hungry in several countries dealing with constant strife. Except for donating money to some NGO and hoping that it would reach the victims, I can’t do much.

What makes me sad is that we need not go to these disaster prone areas. I simply need to go to the end of the main road near my house to see how people like us have failed the millions. There are children out there who will never go to a school or know where their next meal will come from. Children made to beg on roads and work as bonded labour. Every time I step out of my house, I end up spending Rs.1000 or more. How often do we stop and think of it? What if once in a while we can donate this to a child in need of help or a family that possibly survives for a whole month on this amount.

I see growing apathy and callousness among people around. It shows in the way people drive on the roads, it shows in the way people behave in the malls, it shows in every interaction that people have with a stranger and sometimes their own family. Its simply disheartening!


It was always a belief that I will in my lifetime find my soul mate. Thanks to Gerogette Heyer’s portrayal of strong women and equally matched men who understood and respected a woman for what she is, this belief only deepened.

As luck would have it, I did find someone with whom I could connect at a level that I had never experienced. An inexperienced mind never knew it back then, I realize now that my heart did :). Life would never have been this fun, if that finding had, let’s just say, materialized the way I wanted it to be. It left me hurt, sad and hopeful. Yes, the eternal optimist within me cannot stop looking into the good of it. A boon and a bane at the same time.

If you were to ask me now, if I have found my soul mate, the answer is Yes and several times over Yes. Many people have acknowledged that they could find a soul mate, however not necessarily in their partner. For me, I couldn’t have married anyone who wasn’t my soul mate. Life is too short to compromise when it comes to your partner.

And more recently, I realized that there is not just one soul mate one finds over a lifetime. These treasures could produce themselves as a neighbour, colleague, family member, acquaintance and then transform into a wonderful relationship that makes life worth living for.

If you ask, who are these people, then they are those being with whom you connect at a very spiritual level. Thoughts are understood and very little actually  needs to be said. You barely need to put in the effort to communicate. Being in their presence makes the world feel a wonderful place. The time you spend with them is treasured and every moment is worth it.

To sign it off, these soul mates continue to be part of one’s life like the song below: