Can’t think of a title!

Ahh!! I finally get some time to start this new year on my blog. 2006 seems to have gone past in a whiff. Thought it was just my perception, surprisingly many people have concurred on this. In a way, it feels good.

2007 is here and we are soon to hit mid Jan. I am yearning for a pause: a pause from duties, responsibilities, ambition and relationships. Not that I am vexed, but then life a little slow paced would probably suit me a lot better. May be just take a year off and go around India. Splendid!

But, the flip side of all this is that am enjoying myself tremendously. Just read about the ephemeral and ever changing factor in life conveyed as a simile through Water. Yes, I quite agree to that.

Coming in touch with long lost friends, one always ends up being jittery as to how would this meeting be. The moment you meet the void automatically fills up and there seems to be a continuum of time. The magic of the days gone by rekindles itself and results in the best.

This year, has started on a similar note. Lets see hows the desert safari this year :-))